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Welcome to Week 8 fellow Virgins!  Seven weeks are in the books and a trend is emerging this year within the NFL.  As you know scoring is down but come on!  Some teams on any given Sunday cannot score at all like San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, and the Arizona Cardinals which means yikes and wreaks havoc on your team.  Then there is the dreaded Bye week which means a staple of the virginator.  The dreaded bye week article.

Bye Bye Bye

Oh that NSYNC.  Yes I am talking to you Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Lance Bass.  You haunt the virginator’s articles when more than three players on my team are on a bye.  And when I find myself in this dilemma it ain’t no lie, I should be losing.  It is the 17th anniversary of the song and the only thing I can say is that now my wife and I pass Joey when he is running Disney ½ marathons (look it up!)  At least Joey is still active.. getting back to my team.  My bye week players consisted of Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller which have been a great 1-2 punch for me.  Not quite my normal “Bye Bye Bye” requirements but these two players have been pulling the load of three or more players in the last few weeks.  I still had Dak Prescott and he went large.  How did it work out?

Oh Offense Where Art Thou?

Dak Prescott fills in admirably but I lose the whole week when Jordy Nelson goes for a 2 burger along with Demaryius Thomas.  K Matt Bryant gets a single solitary point and those 5 points were well shy of the 32 points predicted by the “experts” and that threw me for a loss.  I am now 4-3 and I am looking forward to getting Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller back into the lineup.  I am hoping that next week makes up for the lack of offense.  As you know the season is all about the mighty victory.

The NFL Season Is About Winning and Losing

I do like seeing how the landscape of the season is progressing going into Week 8.  Nothing is really learned about individual teams until Thanksgiving week but the leagues do reveal how things are going at this time.  The NFC has 7 teams over .500.  The AFC has 6 teams over .500.  This is just a barometric reading but it does prove again that the AFC could be the weaker overall division.  But last year it just did not matter as The New England Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit to win the Super Bowl. I think this year the AFC could be even weaker than last year.  Only time will tell.

Dear Diary

This is usually the diary entry about the Leafles.  This is a word I invented to describe the mass influx of people who love the changing color of the leaves.  It is Leaf combined with Peoples which in itself is nonsensical but life is not really filled with much sense if you analyze it from afar.  Quantum Physics?  Really?  You even stumped Einstein!  But I digress.  Back to the Leafles.

This year we had gypsy moths consume all of the leaves on our trees in several parts of Connecticut.  Then the leaves grew back…yay!  Then we had a several week period of of rain … boo! The result is that my friends I bring to you word from Connecticut.  Our fall foliage appears to be not happening.  Last year the peak foliage season happened the week of 10/16 right on schedule and the crimson reds and the beautiful burnt orange colors made for everything Fall.  It warmed the cockles of the body and reminded me of everything New England is all about.

This year?  All I can say is … NOT!

Master D.

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