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NFL Week 9 has arrived. The Fantasy Football season is more than half baked. This week saw another tie. Kickers who traditionally have made games boring because of their accuracy appear to be no longer accurate. I have a theory about it and will expound about it below. But as usual we go over the week that was.

The Green Bay Packers at The Atlanta Falcons

This game is always a lot of fun to watch. But when two of your players WR Randall Cobb and RB Tevin Coleman are injured, this means you cannot match up against your opponent who has QB Matt Ryan, RB Devonta Freeman, WR Davante Adams, and K Mason Crosby. That combination means only one thing. You need a 6-3 game and that did not happen, so I am not bouncing around winning 1 and losing 1 and hanging in there at 5-3. I will be scouring the free agents again this week. That means more Doug Coutts Waiver Wire Wonders on this very website. Don’t be afraid to drop someone that has not been producing. Picking up someone like QB Tony Romo may work or may go down in spectacular flames. Note that this only works if Tony gets back into the game which will be around the Thanksgiving time frame. But I would like to talk about the kicking game.

The Kicking Game

So how do you get a tie? You have kickers missing all kinds of kicks in overtime and it gets coupled with missing kicks by both teams. We almost had a 3rd tie, but a 4th and 10 was converted by the Oakland Raiders for an exciting game-ending touchdown. But what is going on? The only change has been to move the extra point back to the 15-yard line which has made the PAT 33 yards. It has come to pass that more and more kicking from 33 yards away has affected other “regular” field goals. Many kickers have the same personality and preparation and superstition like a golfer. Just like a golfer during the professional season, we are seeing kickers going through dry spells. It is like they are yanking their drives or slicing their irons. The game is more exciting and the kickers seem exposed. It has only taken one and a half seasons for the kicking game to get worn down and exposed. I seem to like it, although ties are just no fun.

Dear Diary

With Halloween in our rear view mirror and all 27 of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes watched. How could there be 27 of them now and 600 episodes? Yikes! This is proof that time is flying by, but I digress.

The next holiday is Thanksgiving, but with that three weeks away we go into this confusing down time where Christmas has to be noticed because it is less than 60 days away. This hole in time between Halloween and Thanksgiving has only caused Christmas to come out of the woods.

So get a deal and get some shopping done and if it wasn’t for the whacky Presidential election on November 8th, I think everyone would be focused on Santa and shopping. Maybe we need it now more than ever with the Presidential election.

I still can’t believe we are being divided by the concept of Red States and Blue States. The road to the White House goes through the Electoral College and our Republic still stands. So please do your civic duty and vote next week.

Master D.

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