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It is Week 9 in the NFL.  Your team is your team.  There are Fantasy prospects still to be found, there are prospects that need to be found a few weeks ago and of course there are prospects on draft day that are just supercilious.  Yes.  The Virginator went with that word.  Why?  Of course I welcome back my new duo of quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver Will Fuller V.  Through happenstance and honest prospecting, things are looking up for the Fantasy Virgin.

What I Think Is Not What You Think

So just to let you know, we have all of these tools at our disposal in Fantasy Football.  I do so admire them because they are playing it down the middle.  For example, logic tends to reason that the Houston Texans traveling to Seattle against their vaunted defense is worthy of benching Deshaun Watson.  Hey now.  I have Dak Prescott and Alex Smith on my bench.  Why carry three quarterbacks?  To keep them from the rest of the league poopy-head!  Yes I did just say poopy-head.  OK.  So let me tell you the scenario.  The “expert” in my league declares I am going for 87 points this week with my lineup.  Really?  I do not think what you think!

Deshaun Watson & Will Fuller V… ‘Nuf Said

It has come to pass that the Virginator has acquired the craziest duo in the NFL.  Quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver Will Fulller V have become a tandem to be wreckoned with.  See what I did there?  Ha!  So Deshaun is supposed to go for 15 and he goes for a 44 burger with 3 pass interceptions!  Come on!  Will Fuller catches a 59 yard touchdown and goes for a 29 burger.  That is the reason we had a bye-bye-bye article last week for these two gentlemen.  They went for 73 points and by the way, I am talking to you computer predictor my 87.3 points as predicted have gone for an excess of 147 improving my record to 5-3.  My opponent had a great defense in Philadelphia with 26 points and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster with 32 points.  Either of these could turn the tide against my team.  But if you have been following this weekly article we have been along a journey and things are now officially looking up.  My Diary entry has to be about a quick power outage and Halloween.

Dear Diary

Halloween arrives on the day this article is to be released.  That is spooky enough but really?  The spooky part is losing power on Sunday evening when it was just not supposed to be that bad.  Fortunately we received our power back after only 14 hours.  FYI … for everyone else in the world reading this article (it could be possible) we had a massive storm in the Northeast of America and it just wreaked havoc on our Monday.  Like Monday’s are not loathed enough already sheesh! Trees down.  Power out.  All the stuff in a spooky ghost story. We survived and now we have to deal with the reality of the moment.  Hey now!  It is November!

The Fantasy Football season is now officially more than halfway through.  If you have been following along we have had some ups and some downs.  Now comes November football.  I consider November football to be the most rewarding football of the year.  The teams that pull together throw down some big numbers.  The teams that lose together throw down some really bad numbers.  Fantasy Football is all about numbers.  Acknowledge the numbers and understand that for the most part the teams with the better records have the players with the better fantasy football statistics.

It is not 100 percent but nothing is … except death and taxes.  Ha!

Master D.

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