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Week 11 has arrived.  We are nearing the home stretch and the Bye weeks are getting down to the final count.  Every week is important and sometimes your team cannot find the end zone.  Somehow it becomes critical to try and win no matter what.  You are still at the mercy of the end zone and the performance of the teams your players are on.

What Kind of Week is This?

The week started off with a bad omen as the Pittsburgh Steelers put up a 52 Burger on the Carolina Panthers. But for some reason, RB James Conner just did not play as much and then went out of the game with a head injury. This could have easily been a 30 point week for him and he ended up with only 13. In what could be an “easy” win category, the Atlanta Falcons put up a dud at the Cleveland Browns. Even Cleveland could not work WR Jarvis Landry into the mix. The Packers scored 31 points but TE Jimmy Graham was a non-factor.  In the end, these setbacks were too much to overcome and I lost a game I normally would win week in and week out. I had only 4 touchdowns in my team’s worst performance of the year. Well, I guess there is always next week. This is the time of the year I get a little bit reflective and talk about the state of my league.

State Of The League

With the Fantasy Football season in its last few weeks before the playoff, I take advantage of Week 11 to determine the state of the league where I am the commish.  This is about the state of parity in my league to let you get perspective on the teams and outcomes in your league.  I am here to report that there are only 5 teams over .500 in my 10 team league. This is one better than the same time as last year. That means there are 5 teams at .500 or below. This year the stud players may be different like quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing up big numbers every week surprising everyone. That offense of Kansas City is quite impressive. My diary entry is about my baseball ending that I never got a chance to mention. Due to weird circumstances, I can only get to talking about the Red Sox season this week. Sorry about the delay but I was indisposed.

Dear Diary

This is where I get to mention the end of the Red Sox season.

This Red Sox team lost the first game of the year and then won the next 17. They never looked back and ended the year with 108 wins or a .667 winning percentage. Under first-year manager Alex Cora the Red Sox had a record of 11-3 in the Post Season winning their 9th World Series title. They have won it four times since the year 2001 making them the winningest World Series team in the 21st Century. They ended the year with 119 wins putting them 2nd only to the 2009 New York Yankees. The team beat the 100 win New York Yankees team in 4 games. They then beat a 103 win Houston Astros team in 5 games and they finished off the Dodgers in 5 games to win it all. The Red Sox clinched every series on the road. Pitcher David Price was great by the time the World Series ended.  This ended the playoff demons that he had suffered through most of his postseason starting career. We did learn that there are only 5 voters to pick a World Series MVP so 1B Steve Pearce pulled a Mike Lowell and his hot bat in games 4 and 5 got him the award.

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I have had the pleasure to write about their World Series wins in my Diary entry every year they won. That would have been 2004, 2007, 2013, and now 2018. The embarrassment of riches for the Red Sox is welcoming because I was thrust into the whole 86 year drought and we actually thought the 2004 win was good enough. Three more make it all better.

Master D.

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