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DIARY OF A FANTASY VIRGIN: Week 2 – I Am Not A Survivor

Welcome to week number 2 in the NFL. The first week of the season was a complete success. Just watching a regularly scheduled professional sports event is something that has been unreal. But it was real.. so on to Week 2. This week is important because every NFL player and sideline participant and coach now have to go home and come back for their normal work-week. In a strange year already, it seems appropriate that Cam Newton is starting for New England and Tom Brady for Tampa Bay. This year is even tougher with games like survivor and in usual fashion, I did not even make it out of Week 1 in the survivor pool. Let us begin in the beginning, shall we?

Thursday Night Football

It all began on Thursday Night Football. I mentioned that I was going with a Week 1 of familiarity. With 0 preseason games, the creation of team chemistry on the fly is a daunting task. The Thursday Night game exposed what was to come over the weekend; all teams have to shake off the rust. Some did it quite nicely like the Kansas City Chiefs. Some did it not so nicely like the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans were just a little bit off as all of the moving parts were not in synchronicity for the Texans. Of course, that could be said for most of the teams that lost in Week 1. All but 3 games were decided by 10 points or less. I expected more disparity but with no fans and less of a home-field advantage, the play was more or less a neutral-site affair.

My Familiarity

For my team, every player had been on the team in the previous season. That means Will Fuller working out. It also meant Drew Brees and Michael Thomas not working out. So I go into Monday Night Football hoping that the equation of RB Derrick Henry – QB Daniel Jones > -12. This is a formulaic way of saying I have a 12 point lead going into Monday Night Football with Derrick Henry going up against the Denver Broncos. In the end, I found myself squeaking out a narrow victory. My team is a hot mess but that is why we have this website – I will be trying to get better every week. There was an emphasis on Tom Brady making a mistake in that game but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stifled Michael Thomas causing Drew Brees to look elsewhere.

Survive This

Knocked out Week 1 in Survivor. I half expected this to happen. I did not take obvious winners like Kansas City or even New England, I actually convinced myself that the San Francisco 49ers would come out blazing and the Arizona Cardinals would be the Arizona Cardinals. After a quick 10-0 lead by San Fran, the rest of the game de-evolved, and just like that, the Cardinals came all the way back and grabbed the lead. When forced to deliver at the end, the 49ers could not, and I dropped out of the Survivor pool in Week 1. I guess it will be another year before I can try to get past Week 1. Ah well, there is always next year, right?

Pick Your Team Wisely Using 7 Steps to a Better Team

Can 7 steps make your week?  Only if you try them my compadres de football d’fantasy. Your Fantasy Football team wins if your starting team has more points at the end of the weekend than your opponent. As profound as that doesn’t sound it becomes that simple. A great bench doesn’t win it. But knowledge is power and I am here to help. If you lost this week, let me assist you with a strategy that will at least give you a fair shot as all you really want is a fair shot in this game. Anything else and you are the Postmaster General for a town named Clueless, population, you! So here are 7 steps to a better starting lineup. I made the 7 steps stick out so you can keep them handy.

7 Steps To A Better Fantasy Football Starting Lineup

(1) Register At http://www.fantasysharks.com It’s Free! (Always a Shameless Plug)

(2) Go to My Fantasy SharksCustomize Fantasy Sharks To Your Leagues and then My Players and enter your team into My Roster.

(3) After Thursday AM Go To My Fantasy Sharks and Starting Lineup Help and the Lineup Coach

(4) Change all your players to that team…now!

(5) Here is the fine-tune that helps out … Check out this site for all that is hot for the game.  If it is a high flying offense against a mediocre defense go for it.

(6) If any of your second string (WR/TE/QB/K/RB) is on a hot offense, you may want to consider switching.

(7) Do that until you are satisfied with your selections

Now, just relax, you did your best. That is all you can hope for. If you are winning, great, but if you are like the other ½ this week, stuff like this may help. Now, this is just a starter. Take advantage of the message boards and all other fine writers on this site. All of us are here to help you. But you must begin in the beginning. Speaking of which…how did your first week go? My diary entry is about the obvious.

Dear Diary

The realization of how important NFL football is during a pandemic is strange. I know it is not all that critical to my everyday life as there are plenty of other more important things. But being in the 6th month of a pandemic somehow alters everything. I can say without a doubt that normalcy did not return this last weekend. But I have never felt this normal since the Super Bowl. It is just enough of a distraction that is entertaining and comes at the right time.

As part of the record, I want to copy from my personal notes exactly the feelings during the pandemic.  I start out with March.

March 6th…something weird happened this week. All hand sanitizer disappeared off of the shelves from our local Stop & Shop in reaction to the Coronavirus. There have only been a few deaths and less than 100 cases Nationwide. The waitress at our local restaurant mentioned that no one knows what to think and neither do I.

March 13th…the weird has gotten weirder. On Wednesday, Rudy Gobert of the NBA tested positive for the Coronavirus, and the NBA commissioner Adam Silver suspended the NBA season. By the next day, the NHL and MLB did the same. In a weird turn of events, all of New England responded by having a run on toilet paper and paper products on Thursday. As of Friday, March 13th, you cannot find toilet paper in New England. There is panic buying and it is surreal. Quite by accident 3 weeks ago we went to Sam’s Club and we purchased all of our normal sundry items (toilet paper/paper towels/napkins) and there was no shortage. Not so much now. The panic by everyone is causing an uneasy feeling that is difficult to explain.

March 20th…OK now it is official. The Governor of CT closed all bars and restaurants and asked everyone to work from home and school from home. The Governor essentially closed the state on March 16th at 8:00 PM. We border New York and they have been growing cases dramatically. The stock market really tanked this week and I got a visit from “future Tim”.

March 27th…NY is exponential. New York cases started March with 1 or 2 and by this date it is over 100,000 positive cases. How can you go from 1 to 100,000 in like 3 weeks? It appears to be those subways and public intersections. Life is nervy with everything that can possibly be ordered on Amazon getting ordered.

What a journey it has been.

Master D.

Tim can now be reached at tdavoll@fantasysharks.com and welcomes your opinions on the Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Articles.

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