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Diary of a Fantasy Virgin

Away. Out of Touch. Incapacitated. With the internet, you are never that far away. This week, the Virgin takes you on a tour through managing your team from afar.

Unexpectedly, you may find yourself in a country like Switzerland on business and not only are you in a strange land where 4 Schweiz languages (Italian, German, French, & Romansch) are spoken, but your team is still depending on you to deliver the line-up. It is all about the line-up my friends. Get to the line-up and your remote days are all ok. But getting an internet connection is dicey and besides, mit lederhosen ist pullin’ ups de backins. See, my Swiss German is coming out just fine. Better watch what I say in public, though. Knowing my luck, anything I try to say will get translated into…”I admire the relations I would like to have with your goats!” … in so many words…of course. As a matter of course, this week involves memories.

Memories … Memories … Memories – Heck Just Write it Down!

Without your personal computer, it becomes a monumental effort to manage your team from afar. To make matters worse, stepping into an Internet café requires quick decisions. So plan and plan again. Write down your website(s) and your password(s). See if you can do all of this by memory on your device at home. Manage your team using like you always do and just look for injuries and get out of there with your tail between your legs. Even though the world is going to Fantasy Football, your real goal is to be away on holiday with the loved ones or getting away from the boss to make everything go. Let us see what hangover the Captain is coming off of on the high seas.

Captain’s Log – 11-01-2004 11:00 PM

It’s a bucket of tears that well up all around me still to this day. What has occurred in the last three weeks hurts me sailing abilities but its real. It’s a real result and it can’t be taken away. I hold it near and I hold it dear, lets hope it happens again ‘for the 86th year! So ‘twas an even week and that means our obstacle is a patsy. And sure enough it was the shoals of the courageous coral rock that aimed to waylay us. But we made some decisive moves and we skirted our way about the danger enough. Why can’t we win two in a row? We will see next time if this comes to pass.

Master D.

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