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Diary of an Expert League: Consistent Inconsistency

Don’t be fooled by the disheartening title of this article.  I am ending the night in 4th place and reasonably satisfied with my current position as we hit the season’s halfway point. Last week was filled with mixed emotions as I relished the dominating performances of Hiroki Kuroda, Mark Trumbo, and Andrew McCutchen.  After a rough start in his new home in the Bronx, Kuroda has flipped 180 degrees with six quality starts over his last seven outings. McCutchen seems to be my only source of stolen bases thus far, which is a known weakness of the team.

To reiterate, fourth place is great.  However, if the Sharks’ staff showed delivered slightly more consistently, we’d be in the top three. Jason Hammel, Adam Wainwright, and Lance Lynn were all “lit up” in their performances last week.  Fortunately, Hammell has redeemed himself against the lowly Seattle offense to begin this week.  We’ll see how he fares in his second start of the week in a rematch against the Halos.

Let’s take a look at several key performances as well as a key pickup.

Andrew McCutchen– Pittsburgh’s cornerstone outfielder hit over .400 in the last week.  Owners including myself held our breath after he injured his wrist in Saturday night’s game.  Fortunately, he returned Monday with a four hit affair!  McCutchen is posting first round stats so hopefully he will stay healthy and avoid any more diving catches!

Chris Young (AZ)–  I have not started Chris Young in a couple weeks as the Diamondback’s outfielder has struggled in his return from injury.  Whether it is due to rust or not being completely healed, Young’s average has been under the Mendoza line since returning.  However, he is beginning to show signs of life with three homeruns this week.  Consider starting him again soon if he continues to produce.

Tyler Moore–  Moore was not on the radar this season until being recalled on June 8th.  Since this date, Moore has accumulated 4 homeruns, 12 RBIs, 10 Runs, and 3 stolen bases. Although he hits better on the road, he has shown success against right-handers and southpaws.  With Arizona’s Ryan Roberts receiving inconsistent playing time and performing satisfactorily when he is on the field, I decided to replace Roberts with Moore this week.  

Scott Diamond– Although the Minnesota Twins may already be out of contention for the pennant, the team has produced a number of productive sleepers this season.  I was able to snag Scott Diamond who has won four of his six decisions including both starts last week.  His K rate will not cause any jaws to drop, but his seven wins and 2.63 ERA does warrant attention.

Can the Fantasy Sharks team rise to the top three?  Or, will pitching continue to suffer?  Let’s root on the team as half the season is in the rear view mirror.  

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