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Diary of an Expert League: Locked Up

I can’t seem to move.  For every few points earned, points are lost during the next day.   Pitching continues to frustrate with a lack of consistency nearly all season.  In addition, my top power hitters Mark Trumbo and Josh Willingham are both enduring a slump.  Fortunately, several players including Derek Jeter, Andrew McCutchen, Ian Desmond, and Jim Johnson continue to perform at a very high level.  Thus, I continue to look up ahead hoping to finish in the top five spots, while trying to stay above of the teams underneath.

Take a dive with me as we review several key players that may be able to help your team jump off a few slots in your rotisserie league or serve as the difference in your head to head league playoff matchup.  

Rickie Weeks– It may be “too little too late” for the Brewers’ second baseman.  Regardless, Weeks will give you a boost during this last leg of the season.  He has seven homeruns, four stolen bases, and a .292 average in September.  Owners of Weeks did not receive their return on investment this season, but still may be able to take advantage of his recent hot streak.

Joe Mauer– Minnesota’s franchise player has missed time in September, but is producing when he is at the plate.  Mauer is hitting .441 for the month and has been hot since returning the lineup.   He remains a very solid start at catcher so keep him in your lineup.  However, keep an eye on his health and workload just in case Coach Gardenhire gives him a more days off down the stretch.

Alfonso Soriano–  Remember when Sori was a first round pick?  It has been several years since Soriano received this type of notoriety, but he is certainly proving his worth in 2012. Quietly, Soriano will likely finish the year with at least 30 homeruns, 100 RBIs, and a handful of steals.  The Cubs’ outfielder does not warrant the same attention from his 30-30 days, but has certainly provided more value than many other outfielders drafted rounds ahead of him.  The Cubs have been hitting the ball reasonably well as of late, so keep Soriano in your lineup as he leads the team in most offensive categories.

Good luck this week!  

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