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Diary of an Expert League: Opening Day Blues

After an action-packed extra long first week of
baseball that included games in Tokyo and the longest opener in history between
Toronto and Cleveland that lasted 16 innings, the season is now in full “swing.”  

The New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles are off to
great starts, which has some baseball analysts scratching their heads. Before
Baltimoreans become overly excited, let’s remind them that their Orioles began
3-0 last season as well, yet ended the year 69-93 and 28 games out of first


Sports Trade Association
(FSTA) league standings have become
relatively tight among the Top 5 teams. On the morning of April 10, the first-place
“Fantistics” sit only 5½ points above fifth-place “Sirius.” During the first
few days, I held the top slot but am now parked in fourth. Since we are early
in the season, all teams are still in contention, but it is exciting battling
near the top so early on.

After two solid opening starts from Roy Halladay and Colby Lewis, my team
jumped to an early lead in the pitching categories. Unfortunately, subpar
performances from Hiroki Kiroda, Adam Wainwright and Daniel Hudson moved me
closer to the pack. I am still pleased with my rotation and believe
Wainwright should return to his elite status. Nervousness has now developed
into worry in the save category. I have now lost Andrew Bailey and Joakim
Soria, and have not won any auctions for free agent replacement closers.

 Until then, Jim Johnson will hopefully
continue his solid start. Check out the highlights of several of my key
batters, which you may also have on your team.

Joe Mauer: He can be partially blamed for his slow start, but his team
is also struggling offensively. I expect Mauer to lead my team in batting
average yet he currently holds the lowest average. Hopefully his rust will be
removed sooner than later.

Nelson Cruz: Cruz has also started slowly until Monday. He went 3-for-4
with a home run, four runs batted in, and raised his average to .296. I can
take a slow start, just crossing my fingers for no injuries.

Andrew McCutchen: Although I drafted several players with speed,
only McCutchen has been successful swiping any bases with two. It is pleasing
to see him taking chances early on and the power should also be on display soon
as exhibited during Spring Training.

Chris Young: The Diamondbacks are 3-0, and Young is continuing is
picking up where he left off during spring. Whether this is simply a hot streak
or due to tweaking his batting stance, Young possesses 20 home run, 20 stolen
base potential and may have a much improved average this year assuming he
continues swinging a hot bat.

I hope your teams are also in the front of the pack. If you have questions
regarding my team in the FSTA league or simply looking for fantasy baseball
advice, feel free to email me at


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