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Diary Week 2

Thank you all for the e-mails.  I will try to answer everyone in proper time.  Did you follow the Week 1 advice and the 8 Steps To A Better Fantasy Football Starting Lineup?  Let me know if they worked for you or not.  Week 2 in the NFL has come and so has fall.  I always ask this but…Where did the summer go?  I hope everyone made it through their summer just fine.  That means in New England we’ll be thinking about putting away our golf clubs and watching some beautiful Fall foliage.   And this will be a faded memory by the time January 2 rolls around and its below zero out and its snowing and we are freezing our tushies.  The NFL is just getting off of the futon and working getting going.  This week we look at the Game Time Decision and look at the Captain’s second obstacle.

The Game Time Decision

There is a game being played in the NFL.  It is not the one involving the play on the gridiron.  In order to keep everyone off-balance, there is a new status called game time Decision.  This benefits most teams because they do not have to make a decision to play somebody until game time.  I get this part but what twiddles with the gray-matter is that all of these programs that manage your players ONLY allow you to put someone on the injured reserve list and pick up another player iff (that’s if and only if) the player is injured.  So there is this tepid bouillabaisse that these players exist and the tempest created by this group is the source of malaise to the Fantasy Shark. The crux of the issue is that these programs disallow you from picking up a backup and placing in a new player.  That is unless you drop somebody else.  Why would I do that?  With my luck someone else will just grab the player/team that I dropped and play them against me.  Nothing is worse than getting beat with the players you had to drop to fill a Game Time Decision.  That is just harsh.  Knowing my Fantasy Football luck, that player/team that I dropped will bust out and be the reason I miss the playoffs. The point I am making is that there is a less likelihood of winning if your player is a game time decision.  Injuries can be overcome.  The game time decision can not.  Somehow though, it all worked out.  This week was better.

It’s A Miracle!

Sometimes you win because your opponent has a week that is less than stellar.  My opponent had three players score less than 2 points.  That was enough for me even with Shaun Alexander a game time decision.  A victory is a victory and it cannot be complained about one bit.  Let’s see what the Captain thinks.

Captain’s Log – 9-20-2004 – 11:00 PM

The Demolition was still listing though the treacherous waters of the Lesser Antilles getting her sea-legs back underneath her oaky finish.  The crew was socking away hard tack whilst thinking about roast beef and other amenities associated with land.  This briny cuisine is sustenance but not a glamorous food festival at all.  And then suddenly Artemis yelled from the crow’s nest….”Cap’n!!  We got us the second obstacle!”  I asked …”What yer got Artemis?”  His one good eye was looking through the spyglass.  “Cap’n, quick to port side and raise the mainsail. We got us a Kraken!”  And sure enough the tentacles reached for the Demolition but Artemis’ quick wit in combination with the excellent teamwork of the crew resulted in a near miss.  We gave a hurrah and I broke open a barrel of pale ale.  It was a splendid evening and a few years since we had won this early in the season.  We can only hopes that Alexander d’ Shaun will overcome the day to day malaise and be with us in mind and totally in body for the next obstacle.    

Master D.

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