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Digging Deep: What’s wrong with Jeurys Familia?

What’s wrong with Jeurys Familia? Depends on who you ask. Familia, ranked by Baseball America as the No.4 prospect in the New York Mets chain, has been doing a pretty solid Jeckle and Hyde imitation this season. Familia is sitting at 4-1 with a 4.35 ERA in his first season with Triple-A Buffalo. Not the stuff legends are made of, but far from horrible. The issue with Familia is when you break down the numbers and compare his work on the road to what he has done at home. Away from Coca-Cola Field, Familia is a solid 3-0 with one no decision and a 1.74 ERA. At home he is 1-1 with three no decisions a and porky 6.97 ERA. Familia lasted just 3.2 innings against Gwinnett Braves on May 19. He gave up four runs-three earned-on five hits and four walks, while striking out three. In fairness to Familia he did his job by inducing four playable ground balls that his defense booted. The D makes those plays, maybe he’s out with less damage. He threw 49 of his 87 pitches for strikes but the bigger concern was how slow and plodding his delivery was as he was clearly over thinking most pitches. “He’s trying to learn how to repeat his delivery,” said Bison manager Wally Backman, who also had Familia in last year in Double-A.

“Last year he was really good with me. I had him for 15, 18 starts in Double-A (Binghamton) and it was never an issue. This year it’s become an issue to he can’t repeat. He’s trying to do something different all the time.” Backman maintains that without question that Familia is still the real deal and to be 4-1 when you are, in the eyes of some struggling, is still pretty darn good.


Vinny Rottino knows how to rebound. Just one day after his 20-game hitting streak came to a close Rottino responded with three homers in Buffalo’s 11-6 win over Gwinnett. Speaking of the G-Braves, talk about offense taking a vacation. Prior to coming to their visit to Buffalo, the Braves were not only swept in a four-game set in Lehigh Valley, they were shut out all four games.

In fact, they had scored just once in the previous six games heading into their series with Buffalo.

Bobby Scales is off to Japan. Scales who was hitting .339 for Triple-A Buffalo and a major reason why things were finally clicking in the Bisons club house after three train wreck season with the Mets has shockingly left for Japan. While veteran players going to Japan for a bigger payday is nothing new and you certainly can’t blame Scales for grabbing the cash while it’s there, his move was still shocking. What made the move surprising was less than a month ago Scales told the Buffalo media that when you’ve played in Japan and return to the states you find yourself in a situation of essentially having to reprove yourself. Again, you can’t blame Scales for taking the bigger payday. I just can’t believe the Mets didn’t pony up more cash to keep a guy who was basically priceless in terms of contributions on the field and influence in the club house.

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