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Disappointing Starts

I know we are only three short weeks in to the season, but when your early round draft picks are faltering like many of these guys are you can’t spend any more weeks spinning your wheels hoping they magically turn their season around.


Does anyone like Jay Cutler?
Cutler has never done much to endear himself to the media and his run-in with his offensive line in a week two game has been well documented. Cutler was supposed to regroup and recapture his past success when he was again paired with Brandon Marshall, but after three weeks he has yet to show signs of consistently contributing to your team. The good news is that Cutler was likely not drafted as your starting quarterback. And for all the talk of Cutler’s brush-up with his teammates, I personally like the fire and a team leader who cares enough to get in the face of a player who is not performing. Unfortunately, fantasy owners can’t get in Cutler’s face and plead with him tighten his game up. Cutler has said that the Bears are struggling to learn Mike Tice’s offense. Expect Cutler and Marshall to start to gel and have some productive weeks, but hoping for him to climb from bye week fill in to weekly starter is not going to happen.


The first round draft pick formerly known as CJ2K is on pace to become CJ1/4K unless he can heat up real soon. Johnson has spent more time going backwards this season than he has forward. Chris Johnson has regressed since his holdout and he just doesn’t even resemble the runner that once led many fantasy owners to championships. In watching Johnson run he doesn’t seem to be grasping the offense, his reads and running lanes. Johnson has too much talent to continue on this pace and not breakout. There will be some explosive games where Johnson is able to emerge and break off some long runs to pad his numbers, but they will be overshadowed by several mediocre outings.


I guess the good news is that Michael Vick isn’t hurt…yet. Vick has taken some really hard hits in three weeks and his history of being dinged up and missing time is well documented. The concern for Vick and the Eagles this season has been the high number of turnovers that he is committing. It is easy to look at the two 300-yard games and think that everything is going good for Vick, but the nine turnovers he has committed have drained what could be some great outings. The Eagles are already dancing around their confidence in Vick. A couple more poor outings where Vick repeatedly turns the ball over and he could find himself on the sidelines for a reason other than an injury.


Word out of Atlanta last week was that Michael Turner was pulled over for speeding because he wanted to see what it felt like to go fast again. For a guy who earned the moniker ‘The Burner’ early in his career he looks like he is reinventing himself as ‘The Plodder.’ Turner’s start has been overshadowed and compensated by the great start of Matt Ryan. With the success Ryan has had, the running lanes should be wide open for the running game to capitalize, but Turner is not taking advantage of the situation. Turner continues to get the majority of the carries over Jacquizz Rodgers, but unless he starts to show some burst that ratio will change as the season goes on. Turner’s days as a weekly play as a dependable back are behind him and you should address your roster accordingly to prepare for a diminished role.


Whether you are 3-0 or 0-3 there is still plenty of time left in the season. Don’t get caught up in draft position or player’s names going forward. Evaluate your players and don’t get caught depending on yesterday’s stars to carry you today.

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