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Do You Feel A Draft In Here?

This past Sunday, I drafted a stellar team in my second of two live drafts of that weekend. I am not breaking out the bubbly quite yet, but I have never felt as good about a team as I do about that one — including my championship winning squad from last season. Here are some of my favorite picks from the draft and where I nabbed them:

Reggie Bush (2.7) – In a points per reception league like ours, Reggie Bush is fantasy gold.    Last season many who drafted Bush with a first round pick were disappointed. Nevertheless, even during that “bad” year, he still managed to grab 73 catches for over 400 yards. With Jeremy Shockey opening up the field even more, the sky is the limit.   

Brandon Marshall (4.7) – Provided the Broncos can hire a team designated driver,

Marshall is going to be a scoring machine year this season. He racked up 1,325 yards and seven TD’s last season with Jay Cutler, and their chemistry is going to continue under Coach Shanahan. My numbskull buddies heckled me, saying that I was going to miss him for four games. The joke is on them, now that his suspension was reduced to one measly game, and uh, the bye week doesn’t count. Oh, and despite what the NFL may insist, what


doesn’t need is “Anger Management.” That movie sucked!

Brandon Jacobs (5.5) – Maybe it was all of the uncertainty around wide receivers this year, but I am still in shock that this big bruiser fell to me in the fifth. In only 11 games last season he still managed to rack up over 1,000 yards. He only hit pay dirt four times last season, but there is no doubt that he is the Giants goal-line back. As a former Jacobs owner, I can attest that, when he is on the field, he gets it done. Just be sure to have some Advil handy when an inevitable injury takes him out for a few games. Using a late pick on Ahmad Bradshaw can’t hurt either.  

Jonathan Stewart (6.7) – Last year the only Jon Stewart I had heard of was reporting fake news on TV. But the real headliner this season is going to be this young back from

Carolina. His toe didn’t seem to be an issue when he ran for 100 yards and scored a touchdown on 10 carries on Saturday night against the Redskins. DeAngelo Williams may look good in preseason too, but I have no doubt that owners who passed on this rookie will be “Stew–ing” by mid-season.

Jay Cutler (9.5) – Another Bronco?!  I am way too far away to be getting high off of the

Denver air, but I am a believer! Drafting Cutler anywhere after the eighth round should be considered highway robbery. He has more upside than many QB’s who are picked up in earlier rounds (such as Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger). Even Derek Anderson and Donovan McNabb, who are often drafted as many as five rounds earlier, are likely to put up inferior stats. Don’t worry about Brandon Marshall and the alleged difficult passing schedule. (Ooooooh Oakland. I am sooooo scared). JC is going to be just fine.  

Todd Heap (10.7) – If you don’t have the stones to use a third- or fourth-round pick on an elite tight end, you’ll likely discover there are tasty options towards the end of the draft. I almost did a double-take when I looked at my draft materials and noticed a Todd Heap sticker shining brilliantly in my direction in the tenth. A bothersome hammy is just the latest injury to keep him on the sidelines during preseason, but you better believe that when he’s healthy, my league mates are going to be in a “heap” of trouble.  

Chris Johnson (11.5) – With such a generic name, I guess it’s possible this promising young back could slip everyone’s mind and fall this late at your draft. It’s likely to be a committee in

Tennessee, but this CJ has looked pretty, pretttttty good in preseason and seems to be impressing coach Jeff Fisher. As for Johnson’s confidence in his ability to win the Rookie of The Year, I say to you, sir, consider yourself challenged.

Matt Leinart (14.7) – No, I am not on crack, and yes, I am aware of Kurt Warner’s alleged new standing as the starting quarterback in

Arizona. With that out of the way, consider Leinart in the 14th, immediately before your defense and kicker. A lot can change in a long football season and as long as Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are running routes, even I could put up incredible stats if given the opportunity.

With a lineup like this, what could go wrong? Well, maybe the fantasy football gods won’t be kind, but I don’t think I could have a better start out of the gate. If you haven’t completed your drafts yet, I highly recommend the players in this lineup. Already have your teams? Start trading! Think you picked up a better lineup? Let’s hear about it!

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