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Domaledonk Whale Shark Interview

Congrats domaledonk on becoming another one of our Whale Sharks, 1000 messages on the Msg Boards!!
Thanks Rob and the rest of the FantasySharks website crew! You guys have put together a fantastic site. I have to say being a whale is great except now none of my pants fit. If anyone wants any to make candles or hand lotion let me know and I’ll send you some quality whale blubber.

So explain to me the whole “donk” thing.
I used to be known to do a wicked taughn taughn impersonation (kangroo looking thing in Empire Strikes Back). Anyways I strolled into a bar that was playing “Let me ride that donkey donkey” and I sang in my taughn voice. Ever since then I’ve been known as the Donkey.

And why no Avatar? You must be one of the few, can’t find anything that suits you?
I felt that I couldn’t find one that truly summed up the essence of all that is Donk in one small picture but as we speak I have the Good Dr. GoogleMover working on sizing my new whale avatar.

So, looks like you’re from right outside Detroit. A Lions fan then? That can’t be easy these days.
Yes always have been a Lions fan and always will be. Its hard being a fan but it’s nothing us Lions fans aren’t used to. The sad thing is that this area watches every game, used to sell out the Silverdome (80,000+ seats), sells out Ford field, and still supports this team even though they are pitiful. Everyone dubbs Detroit Hockeytown USA but its a football state. Its too bad that the Ford’s haven’t been able to build off of that fan support and give the fans a championship. Maybe they should stick to making cars. In fact maybe Illitich should stick to making pizzas but that’s another story.

So how many years until they get back in the swing of things?
Depends on how their drafts play out over the next couple of years because they are hurting in a lot of areas. If they can get a running game in place and keep a healthy secondary they could have a shot by 2006. This of course plays into the “first team to win a superbowl in their hometown” scenario since Ford Field is hosting the 2006 Superbowl. This town would go mad. I of course will be the PA man doing the Lion roar in the taughn taughn voice, legally or illegally its their choice.

We’ll all be looking forward to that. Well, how about your favorite NFL Player, past and present?
Past player is Barry Sanders. Even if I was from Idaho this guy would my pick. He made some of the sickest moves I’ve ever seen. I was at the Patriots game when he broke two 60+ long runs while putting on a juke clinic. Best runs I’ve ever seen. My favorite current player is Brenda Warner. Oh sorry, I was just looking at the poster I have of her and I got distracted. I’m going to have to go with Holmes. I wasn’t a believer until he came back after the injury this year and continued to dominate.

So, who in your opinion is then favored to win the SuperBowl?
I really like the Titans chances. McNair just seems to finally have complete control over his games and has that intangible quality to win games. Plus they are coached well and have a very good team. Eddie George aside. Excuse me while I throw up.

Why don’t we move on to some questions about FantasySharks.com. So, how did you come to find us?
I’m blocked out of all sports sites by way of a firewall at work. So needing my fantasy fix I started testing the firewall like the T-Rexs did in with the electric fence in Jurassic Park by trying to open every site listed on yahoo under the search of fantasy football. I guess you can say fate brought me to the sharks or the fact the even I knew searching for porn at work was inappropriate.

How about your favorite FantasySharks feature, article, or writer? 
I don’t read the articles that often (except of course the Whale interviews) so I haven’t really got a favorite writer but from everything I have read you all have great football knowledge and good wit that I enjoy. The projections feature is very useful too.

Let’s move on to Fantasy Football questions. So, how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?
Fantasy baseball since 1993 and football since 1996.

And how many leagues are you involved in?
I am in two money leagues with good friends from highschool and college and a trial league with my fellow Ubers which will become the real deal next year.

What are your Team Name(s). Any meaning behind them?
All team names are DOMALEDONK. You can get the Donk part from my earlier answer but the rest of the name morphed from Donk to LeDonk (In tribute to Le Big Mac scence in Pulp Fiction) then to DOMALEDONK after I won my first title which of course implies domination in all senses of the word; fantasy skills, trash talk skills, draft skills, the whole shabango.

So what do you think your best and worst pick of the year was?
Worst pick Eddie George in the 3rd round over Fred Taylor.
Best pick Steve McNair in the 8th round.

Ok. Why don’t we finish up with the message boards. Have you been able to keep up with all of the posting?
My carpol tunnel allows me to have my good days and bad days. Oh there is this annoying thing called work that kind of gets in the way too. Oh the wife cuts into my post time too but I try to stay current.

I understand! So, which posters do you think provide the best advise out there?
First off all the ubers are in my good graces. Hemol is the wizard, not only because I think he’s the oldest shark but he knows his stuff. I bump heads with Hard10 and Agenda42 but those guys know their business, especially the obscure stats and analysis. They always calm down the gambler in me with their logic. Must be why they have numbers in their names. Of course MattheofVA is always good but too polite. Get some edge boy! WarDawg, Duececoupe, Dgack have skills I l respect too. I just like hearing from Florida Stag. Primemover (I’m oldschool what?) has great advice too. Other than that I give the best advice naturally.

Natuarally. Ok. Last question. Still going with us this time next year?
Sorry but I’ve started my own website “Fantasy Donks” and am taking all the Ubers and Gubers with me. Of course I will be, I love this site.

Thanks again for being such an active poster on the message boards! And congratulations!!
Thanks for having me. A message to all new chum..
Fear not my sharp tongue for its all in good fun, if you don’t listen to the Sharks your season will be done.

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