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Don’t Bet Against Rodgers

Perhaps the biggest fantasy dark horse this year is

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

  For the last three seasons, we have only seen glimpses of the man teammates affectionately call A-Rod.

  Rodgers’ career numbers are certainly nothing to look at.

  He has played in 7 games posting 329 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT.

  Rodgers’ best game of his short career was in a Week 13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys as a replacement for the injured Brett Favre.

  Rodgers almost led the Favre-less Packers to an upset bid.

  He threw for 201-1-0 on 18 of 26 passing in what has been his only meaningful time under center.

  Ask his teammates, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Aaron Rodgers does not like to fail.

  He is a man that oozes with confidence.

  He has been a mission to prove himself this offseason.

  He has the whole team singing the praises of his strong arm.

  When WR Greg Jennings was asked why the whole team keeps talking about his arm strength,

Jennings responded “We need him to know, and the people to know, that he has a strong arm so he will lighten it up on us.”

  This is coming from a man that caught rockets from Mr. Favre for the last two seasons.

  Rodgers will be trying to succeed where Jay Fiedler and Quincy Carter could not after trying to replace Dan Marino and Troy Aikman respectively.

  The biggest difference between the three is time in the system.

  Carter was a rookie when he took over in 2001.

  Fiedler had been in the league since 1994, but only played four seasons before taking over his first year in

Miami in 2000.

  Rodgers had the benefit of learning the West Coast Offense from Favre the last three seasons.

  Steve Young was the last replacement to have continued success.

  Young sat behind legend QB Joe Montana for four seasons before getting the keys to the car.


Guess what offense Young had success in?

  That’s right, the West Coast Offense.

  Don’t think Rodgers isn’t going to do his homework.

  He has plans to talk to Fiedler and Young this offseason.

  Rodgers isn’t worrying about his own abilities.

  He is learning how to become a leader.

  He regularly has his teammates over to his house to hang out and eat catered food.

  He has already taken over the teaching role to rookie QB’s Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn.

  Rodgers also has Head Coach Mike McCarthy running him through frequent quarterback schools.

  Favre played two of his best seasons under McCarthy who seemed to buy into McCarthy’s “take shots only when they are there” approach.

  Oh yeah, did I mention McCarthy also was Joe Montana’s quarterback coach in 1993?


What kind of numbers can we expect from Rodgers this season?
  Rodgers is taking over a team that was one quarter away from getting to the Super Bowl last year.
  The Packers have added WR Jordy Nelson and TE Jermichael Finley to the already deep stable of weapons.
  The same offensive line that only allowed 18 sacks last year is back for their third full season together.
  I expect Rodgers to throw for 3,700 yards with 24 TDs and 14 INTs.
  He should also add 110 yards and 2 TDs on the ground.
  Think he will fail?
  I wouldn’t bet against him.

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