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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Did the DL just smack you upside the head via Evan Longoria, Pablo Sandoval, Jayson Werth, among others?  By the way, fellow writer Scott Martin and I are dealing with the dreaded trifecta in one league.  Anyway, there are ways to get around these issues.


First of all, Jayson Werth, unless you have a deep DL be done with him in yearly leagues.  At minimum he’ll be back in August, more realistically September, and given the nature of wrist injuries may not be the same again until 2013.  Cut your losses now.  Those of you in daily lineup leagues will likely have to go down the platoon route.  My Michael Brantley/Will Venable article still applies, even though both have been in funks and Brantley isn’t in the top of the order.  However, there are better options available.  For those looking for power look to exploit Raul Ibanez and Garrett Jones.  Both are in clearly defined roles, they hit in the middle of the order whenever a right handed pitcher is on the mound; when there’s a lefty they get the day off.  Ibanez’s stat line to date vs. righties – .273/.329/.561 with 5 HR and 16 RBI.  Garrett Jones – .279/.306/.529 with 4 HR and 11 RBI.  You may also want to look up Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Tony Campana, and Mitch Moreland (all strong platoon options themselves).  Weekly lineup leagues?  You’re in a tougher spot, all of the above also apply but are less valuable.  Depending on how your lineup currently looks or if you’re in a head to head league you’ll want to look up Denard Span, Delmon Young, Dexter Fowler, and Nolan Reimold.


The rash of injuries in the corner infield recently has sent many into a panic to fill the void, and unlike OF it’s justifiably so because the replacement pool is thin.  It’s probably too late for Will Middlebrooks, so the daily leagues will need to go the Garrett Jones/Mitch Moreland route too.  Weekly lineups have some mildly interesting guys like Kyle Seager, Alex Liddi, and Ty Wigginton at their disposal.  None will extract fear in the pitcher or excitement for your team, but they’re hitting right now and the player pool is a wasteland. 


To bring on these guys you’re going to have to get rid of sleepers that haven’t woken up yet (i.e. Brandon Belt) and pitchers you paid too much for that just aren’t producing (i.e. Ubaldo Jiminez) but you can’t sit and wait on these types while you fall further and further behind in May.  It may hurt to hit the ‘drop’ button, but you have to.


In the end, don’t panic and make a brash trade; unless you can take advantage of an Albert Pujols owner at the edge of the cliff anyway.  Others are going to get hurt too, just do what you can to get through this tough stretch.  When you make it through still in the middle of the pack when Longoria, Sandoval, etc. are ready to return you’ll be ready-made for the 2nd half push.

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