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Doug’s Dynasty Den – Week 3

The Den is back for another week, thanks as always for reading. The bye weeks are rearing their ugly heads, so be on the lookout for teams that might be dropping prospects. You should always have at least a couple of roster spots for guys that won’t be productive for a couple of years. Injuries are also coming into play, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Be vigilant since many fantasy contests are won and lost by less than ten points. A healthy defensive player just might be the difference between winning and losing.

Just to quickly recap the rules for those that might be new to the column: While the idea of this column is to help those of you in dynasty leagues, if you are in a deep re-draft league, you might also find some help here. Most of the guys listed are only worth a free agent bid of a buck or two, depending on how much you have to spend and depending on your team’s situation. Defensive guys come and go, so only pay a dollar for those players no matter what. Generally you won’t find much to help your team this year, but you never know, injuries happen and early in the season you may be able to sneak someone thru that can end up helping win you a championship!!

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Josh McCown, Arizona
Sometimes in a dynasty league you may be real desperate for a bye week fill in, other times you’re just trolling the waters looking for someone that might be decent in four or five years. This might be a case of a little of both. This second year man was selected in the third round from Sam Houston State, so the Cardinals have something invested in him. He got some action when Blake went down in week two so he’s capable. If you’re like me and only have one viable quarterback, you should be constantly on the lookout for your future signal caller.

Running Back
Shawn Bryson, Detroit
Seems to be the better of the backs in Detroit (?), probably won’t take much for him to overtake Orlandis Gary.

Wide Receiver
David Terrell, Chicago
Here’s another guy that I can’t really pinpoint a good reason to include him on this list, yet his name keeps popping into my head. Certainly he’s underperformed since he was drafted, but one has to imagine that he’s too skilled to never become a productive player..?

Bryant Johnson, Arizona
The rookie has performed decent, and isn’t that what this column is about? If the Cardinals can keep their young wide outs together, they might actually be good at some point?

Owen Pochman, San Francisco
From the “For What It’s Worth” Department, the 49ers dumped Jeff Chandler in favor of Pochman. While his kicks haven’t looked that great, the kicker for the 49ers has some value in the fantasy world.

Aaron Schoebel, Buffalo
Week in and week out he’s been a consistent scorer, can’t hurt to have a couple of guaranteed points from a defensive player to help you out.

David Thorton, Indianapolis
Seemed to always be around the ball and registered a sack, worth a buck in my book.

Jeff Burris, Cincinnati
Again, normally I don’t like to go for defensive backs, but when you register more than 10 tackles in a week, that’s not a bad thing.

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