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Doug’s Dynasty Den

By popular demand, the Dynasty Den returns for another season – well, at least it returns for this week. I’m hoping that some of you out there will find this to be a semi-interesting read. The point of it will be to point out the obscure players, mostly young players, that may be available to be picked up in your dynasty leagues. Most of the guys listed here are probably only worth a free agent bid of a buck or two, depending on how much you have to spend and depending on your team’s situation. Defensive guys come and go, so only pay a dollar for those players no matter what. Generally you won’t find much to help your team this year, but you never know, injuries happen and early in the season you may be able to sneak someone thru that can end up helping win you a championship!!

Hopefully some of the players listed in this space will be available for you to swoop in and pick up for your team….it’s especially important to be vigilant of the waiver wire early in the season. Of equal importance, pay attention to the players that other owners are releasing. One week’s worth of stats is a tough barometer on how a player might fare over the course of the season, so be alert since there is always someone that gets cut too soon. Last year in this space, we recommended guys like Matt Hasselback, Kelly Holcomb, Doug Chapman, Quincy Morgan, and Randy McMichael after week one. Lets’ see if we can have an equally as good week one this year…

Marc Bulger, St.Louis
Ok, so this guy probably isn’t available, but if he is then he’s worth spending some money on. He’s been named the starter this week and at some point in time, Mike Martz has to realize that he needs to win games to keep his job and Kurt Warner hasn’t done that for him in two seasons. I’m guessing that if Bulger does well this week, we may never see Warner on the field for the Rams the rest of this year.

Jeff Blake, Arizona
Ok, so the Cardinals aren’t going to be playing the Lions every week, but you have to imagine them not winning many games, which translates into more passing attempts, which should translate into fantasy numbers (can that sentence get any longer?). Certainly worth a look since you don’t want to be light at the QB position.

Jake Delhomme, Carolina
I’m guessing that the Rodney Peete Era has come to a close. Delhomme came on to lead a tremendous second half comeback that translated into a win. He’ll be the Panther starter until he plays his way back onto the bench.

Running Back
Aveion Cason, Dallas
A thin crop of potential RBs this week. No threat to become the starter, but as a third down back on the Cowboys, he’s worth keeping an eye on.

Wide Receiver
Anquan Boldin, Arizona
There may never again be a consensus #1 waiver wire pickup than this guy will be this week. Enough said.

Antonio Freeman, Free Agent
Word is that the free agent might have some interest in Green Bay, since they lost pretty much every capable ball catcher last week.

Javon Walker, Green Bay
Keeping with the Green Bay theme, someone has to be in the starting lineup.

Tight End
Josh Norman, San Diego
Stephen Alexander is quickly not becoming the answer for the Chargers, perhaps this guy is…could be this year’s Randy McMichael.

Matt Schobel, Cincinnati
Nearly a hundred yards, that alone gets him on this list.

Kris Brown, Houston
Brown had success in Pittsburgh, and now it looks like he’s in a situation where his team might score some points. More importantly, they’ll probably struggle to get into the end zone which creates more FG opportunities.

Vonnie Holiday, Kansas City
Three sacks to go along with five tackles, nice numbers.

Warrick Holdman, Chicago
Any time a guy racks up more than ten tackles (11), he’ll get a mention here.

Michael Barrow, New York Giants
Another guy with a couple of sacks and five tackles.

Chris Claiborne, Minnesota
Seemed like he was always around the ball, ended up with a sack and eight tackles.

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