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Draft Coach: A first in Fantasy Football


For those that missed it, we’re up and running with the FantasySharks Draft Coach TM at  What is the Coach you ask?


It’s the next generation fantasy football tool that gives you the edge in your draft and isn’t that what this is all about?  The other sites give you Excel Spreadsheets for you to manipulate.  You’re the privileged one to do the data entry to enter your scoring system and then you’re left running your draft anyway.  The spreadsheets tend to be nothing more than a glorified cheat sheet with a different wrapper.  I’ve tried spreadsheets and for 3% of you they work, the others just don’t have the time or inclination to sort, sift, copy, paste, upload player updates etc. to make it worth their while.  So we changed all that. 


The Draft Coach is fully integrated with myfantasyleague so that at ANY point in your draft, you can click the FantasySharks Draft Coach link at to get a list of players available at all positions and our top selections including the pick we think you should make at that particular point in your draft.  The Coach self modifies based on your individual scoring already defined at myfantasyleague.  We read your scoring, lineup requirements, league setup and rosters for all teams directly from myfantasyleague so that everytime you click on the Coach you are getting a real time look at your draft.  Someone just drafted Kordell Stewart (OK, maybe a bad example) and they disappear from your list.  Guess what that means?  You don’t need a cheat sheet as the Coach only recommends players that are available in your draft.  No more crossing names off!   


We apply a number of algorithms to the data to come up with the recommendations that we do, and make adjustments after every pick is made. A lot of effort goes into analyzing the data we have to make the right pick at the right time.  Bye weeks are accounted for, roster allocation, and most importantly, we apply both your league scoring and lineup requirements to the calculations.  Your league awards 6 points per TD pass?  Watch the QB’s bubble up.  Your league requires 3 WR’s and 1 RB each week?  Watch the WR’s bubble up, after we secure you a top flight RB of course.  Your league requires 5 TE’s and 1 K?  Find a new league! 


Here’s what some folks are already saying about the Draft Coach:


Your draft coach is genius … one whale of a next step in the evolution of online FF … impressive.

—Brian Hulett, Commissioner
The Winning Drive Fantasy Football Leagues



I found the link in the draft form. Really good to know. We usually gather for a live draft with one person behind the computer and chatting with others. May have to let each person take turns at the computer to see who the Sharks suggest!  BTW, the draft coach looks very similar to how we normally draft in this unusual league. I think it is right on and should help. Thanks Tony!  – TPSReports




In the fifth round the Coach took Aaron Brooks just as I was about to.
Its choices were good and exactly at the right time.
 – bgarske



I picked 3rd, Coach picked 4th so we were next to each other in every round.
4th round I had preselected WR’s Price, Driver, then Johnson. Price and Driver went to other teams and then the Coach picked Johnson, I had to scramble back to my list and took R. Smith.  7th round I spent a while deciding between Reed and Alstott. I chose Reed to help my WR depth and the Coach took Alstott right after me. 8th round still needing depth at WR I wanted Chambers, guess who took him? That’s right the Coach, I was then left with a lesser WR or defense and I took
Carolina DT. 14th round, one kicker I was willing to take at this point and the Coach took Wilkins right before me. I ended up with Peterson in case Thomas loses the job in preseason. All in all I was impressed with the Coaches logic, but maybe that’s because we had the same train of thought (or no thought!). Can’t wait to use it on my friends. – davlar8



We’re not stopping here though.  Oh no, not by a long shot.  Next up is the FantasySharks Lineup Coach TM followed by the FantasySharks Waiver Coach TM then later this season we’ll be unveiling the FantasySharks Trade Coach TM.  The Waiver Coach I’m particularly excited about because weekly, searching, hunting and picking through the waiver wire can be a frustrating endeavor.  We take all the work out of this weekly mundane task by searching all available free agents, comparing them to your roster and making add/drop recommendations weekly based on your league setup and scoring.  We find the free agents for you; tell you who to drop and all you have to do is pull the trigger. All accessible directly from, smarts provided by us.


Ever wonder if the QB and WR he’s offering is worth your RB and TE?  Unsure whether you should accept a trade offer because it may be lopsided in their favor?  No longer.  You’ll be able to click on the Trade Coach button right from as you’re evaluating your trade and the Coach will boil the trade down for you and tell you whether you should accept it or not. 


We’re excited about this new partnership with as it enables us to bring the best and brightest tools to the community at large.  We’re excited to roll this out, is excited to roll this out; we know you too will be excited to finally be truly in the driver’s seat as we even the playing field.  Stay tuned!



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