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The Draft CoachTM is a draft tool that works with  It is a completely automated tool that analyzes your draft, round by round, coaching you through it and making recommendations on who to draft next.  The logic to run a draft top to bottom is complicated and a lot of variables are accounted for.  In various test leagues we’ve been impressed by the results and we hope you are too!  Essentially it is a value based draft with many modifications and embodies what we believe here at is the way to draft and the way to win your league. We take you through it making sure you’re picking the right players at the right time.

Important Notes

The Draft CoachTM will analyze your draft directly from has a predraft feature allowing you to load up your picks in advance.  Since the draft coach will analyze a snapshot of your draft, the closer you are to your selection the more accurate the recommendation. We recommend you run the coach when it is your turn to pick, though a few picks ahead usually will not influence the pick greatly.

Top 10 Shark Picks Overall

This is where our top 10 recommendations appear.  The player on top is the recommended pick.

Top 5 Position Picks

Currently the Draft Coach can handle, QB, RB, WR, TE, K and team Defense.  It does not handle IDP (Individual Defensive Players) yet, and does not handle some of the less frequently used positions like Head Coach.


This is the value score computed to sort players by.  The higher the score, the higher the player is ranked.


The Draft Coach will account for bye weeks based on the number of players already drafted for a particular position on your roster.  If your RB#1 has a bye week 10, all RB’s that have a bye week 10 will not appear in the Top 10 list but will appear in the Top 5 Position Picks with a score of “Bye” designating there is a bye week conflict.  As the draft progresses the bye week restriction slowly lifts.

Adjust Roster Allocation

We recommend you customize the number of positions you wish to draft in your league by adjusting the Draft Coach Roster Allocation.  We will seed the Draft Coach with a recommendation of how many players to draft at what position based on your league settings, but if you prefer to draft 3 QB’s instead of 2, change it here and the Draft Coach will take your allocation into consideration when calculating.


Links are provided at the bottom of the Draft Coach screen for easy access to your myfantasyleague league home, draft report and roster report.

Question? Problem?

Please Email us at if you have any questions or have trouble using the Draft CoachTM.   Please include your league and team ID for prompter service.