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Lamar Jackson (QB) Louisville – 393 passing yards, 3 TD’s / 132 rushing yards, 3 TD’s

I have come to the conclusion after Week 2 of the College Football season that Lamar Jackson will likely be the first quarterback taken in the 2018 draft. He reminds so much of Michael Vick and his ability to run and throw to create an incredibly dynamic player. Lamar Jackson’s passing ability has improved this season, most noticeably in his passing accuracy. Teams like the Jets (tanking), Jaguars (Could use an upgrade at QB), and Redskins (Cousins leaves in free agency) could be eyeing him to be their quarterback of the future.


Akrum Wadley (RB) Iowa – 118 rushing yards, 1 TD / 4 receptions, 72 yards, 1 TD

If you haven’t seen his play to force overtime, you need to see it (starts at 9:45 on the video below). He shows good elusiveness at the line of scrimmage to avoid early takedowns and gain a few more positive yards. You can also watch and notice he offers almost nothing in pass protection, which can be coached, but right now he would be an early down back that has also shown nice hands out of the backfield.


Jaylen Smith (WR) Louisville – 9 receptions, 183 receiving yards, 1 TD

The first thing you notice when you watch him play is his stature. At 6’4, 220, he has an excellent frame and provides a great size target for the quarterback. He will intrigue scouts with his physical stature, the question will be if he has the route running skills and can he create separation against man coverage at the next level. He dominated in this game due to a lot of leaky zone coverage from North Carolina and having nobody around him when he caught the ball.


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