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DraftKings Sleeper Defenses – Week 10

As we head towards the fantasy football playoffs…wait. That has been my go to opening for too many articles this week and it does not apply to this particular piece. This is a DraftKings article where every week is like the fantasy playoffs! I expect that little opening should garner me a commercial offer soon. Excuse me if I stare at my phone awaiting the offer.

In the meantime, let’s get ready for Week 10 and all the goodness it shall bring.

As I sat down to start researching and then writing out this week’s edition of the DraftKings Sleeper Defenses (sorry, still shamelessly pushing for that commercial offer) I was watching the NFL Networks ‘A Football Life’ on Roger Staubach.

That got me thinking about the old Dallas Cowboys defensive scheme which was the “bend but don’t break” style. Which in turn got me to thinking that the mantra for this week’s article would be a similar phrase taken from a movie I had recently been introduced to. My wife and stepdaughter love a little film called “Legally Blonde” starring one Reece Witherspoon. They like to watch this movie quite a bit, and myself living with these two lovely ladies, have absorbed this particular movie by osmosis.

So I am officially proclaiming this week’s DraftKings Sleeper Defenses (…crickets) article the “Bend and Snap!” edition. Look up the scene if you must (it’s actually very funny).

I prefer to wrap it up as we are bending at times but snapping back with more double-digit scoring defenses each week.

Let’s clean up last week before looking ahead to week 10.


DENVER at Indianapolis-

1 sack, 1 D/TD =7 pts

A down week for this defense but they still managed to knock Andrew Luck out for a month or so.


4 sacks, 1 INT, 1 D/TD = 12 pts

This has been a sneaky good D/ST unit of late. We’ll take a 12-spot.


3 D/FR, 1 D/TD, 14-20 pts all = 13 pts

It’s nice when things actually work out. Thank you Tampa Bay.

Buffalo vs. Miami-

2 sacks, 1 D/FR, 1 SFTY, 14-20 pts all= 7 pts

This defense continues to under-perform in nice matchups. Expected more from them under Rex Ryan.

New Orleans vs. Tennessee-

1 D/FR, 28-34 pts all= 1 pt

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan should have been fired years ago. That was a pitiful game against a rookie QB.


Strap in folks because here are the DraftKings Sleeper Defenses for Week 10…still no call about that commercial.

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