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It’s hard to believe that it is already Week 16 of the NFL Season. The time between the Super Bowl and the beginning of training camp seems to drag on forever while the season flies by at super speed.

Ah, well. Luckily in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) we still have a couple of weeks to make some sweet ‘moolah.’ Yes. I just wanted to type the word ‘moolah.’

We took a bit of a step backwards as only two of our discount defenses managed to reach double-digits in scoring. With the Holiday Weekend at hand we will count of some of that good old fashioned Santa magic to bring home some winners.

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a hearty Happy Holidays in general.

Let’s see what bargain defenses we have in our stockings for this week.


ATLANTA at Carolina- cost $2700. Let’s roll the dice right out of the box with a Falcons defense that has been on a bit of a fantasy roll of late. In the last four games, they have amassed eight sacks along with eight turnovers and two defensive touchdowns. Those are the type of numbers we like in daily scoring as that leads to nice point totals. The Panthers haven’t been a particularly good matchup for opposing defenses but have allowed eight sacks, five turnovers and a defensive score in the last five games. The Falcons could jump out to a nice lead forcing the Panthers to air it out and that works in their favor. In the first meeting between these teams, Atlanta picked off a pair of passes and had a defensive score.


SAN FRANCISCO at Los Angeles- cost- $2800. It remains a rarity that we look to roll out the 49ers D/ST but sometimes the opponent is just too appealing. We chase the most generous offense over the last five games when it comes to allowing fantasy points to opposing defenses in this matchup. Rookie quarterback Jared Goff continues to struggle and the Rams offense has not just circled the drain…it has gone down it. In the last three games, Los Angeles has given up 11 sacks while turning the ball over seven times and allowed two defensive scores. Over the last four games, the 49ers have managed to rack up 10 sacks and should be able to add a few turnovers to their resume this week.

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