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Dude…. Where’s my car?

Marshawn Lynch had no idea he had hit a pedestrian. He made no attempt
to hide the car in question.  He made no statement to the press about
the incident. He was waiting for his attorney to return to do so, after he was back in town. Are you buying this? I’m getting my shovel and hip boots out.

Lynch claims it was raining and someone was dancing in the middle of the street. I’ve driven plenty of times in the rain, and so have you. The only way you’d not notice hitting a pedestrian is if you were DWI. I said it . Rumor has it that rookie James Hardy was also in the car. Two other players were as well.

Did all four miss seeing the pedestrian go down? Did they not feel the impact?

Oh yeah it was raining pretty hard. If you hit someone, the sound gets muffled by the rain. You know you can’t feel potholes either.

You can only imagine…Hardy, Lynch, and crew driving home from the club with 50 cent bumping, as they got their swerve on in the Cayene that belonged to Lynch.

Goodell is waiting for the facts to surface. So is the group of fantasy owners who have Lynch. Expect a suspension… I don’t buy into this and neither does Goodell. Lynch and his attorney have the audacity to say, that they think suspending the license is “harsh”. Nice effort with the spin on the facts.

My congratulations to Hardy for the most preseason negative press. What will he do for an encore? Recite the pimp of the year speech from “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, or better yet, walk around telling his teammates classy jokes like…

What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?  Nothing… because Hardy already told that bitch twice. I’m over people telling me how good of a player, or how much potential each one of these players have. Lynch may in fact get this swept under the rug, but expect more bad press from both players. My mom once told me, Leopards don’t change their spots.

The NFL needs someone to take out the trash, and Roger Goodell may just have a dumpster big enough to fit these two egocentric players. Go ahead and tell me Lynch is a good guy. Tell me he had no idea….

OJ had no idea either! Aside from the glove, knife, motive, opportunity,previous movie that the juice was a navy seal and slaughtered people in the same manner, shoe prints, and threats against his ex wife, The police had nothing. Get your wallet out Lynch, and pay the piper.

I almost forgot, Lynch wouldn’t talk to the police until half the damn team and front office was subpeoned. Buffalo Bills are joining the ranks of the Cincinati Bengals for most helmets on one team. Now all they have to do is trade for Brandon Marshall, and Javon “I’m the victim” Walker.  I heard Terrance Newman on ESPN commenting on how you have to be careful when you are an NFL player. As if someone somewhere believes that Walker was actually kidnapped.

If you do, think about this… The hotel surveillance had zero footage of Walker being dragged from his room. Witnesses saw Walker getting into the suspects car under his own power. Were you dragged or did you walk? Did they come to your room and get you? or did you walk out to the car after you were seen splashing champagne in the Rumpass Room?  I could care less but all these stories expose the authors of them for what they are…. Extremely bad liars.

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