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SCOUTING PROFILE: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State, #7

Height:  6-foot-3
Weight:  220 pounds
Birthdate (Age):  5/3/1997 (21)
Arm Length:  n/a
Hand Size:  n/a
40 Time:  n/a


College Stats

Year Comp. Att. Comp. % Yards TD INT Rush Att. Rush Yds. Rush TD Sacks
2018 373 533 70.0% 4831 50 8 79 108 4 20
2017 40 57 70.2% 565 4 1 24 86 0 3

Critical Factors

Mental Processing

Reads basic defenses well pre- and post-snap. Coaches showed more trust in him than previous Ohio State quarterbacks, allowing him to make more reads and checks at the line of scrimmage before the snap. Marginal ability to read blitzes pre-snap often getting confused by the more exotic looks by the defense.

Competitive Toughness

Good toughness to stare down the barrel and make accurate passes with defenders closing in on him quickly in the pocket. Solid consistency that got better late in the season. Good ability to step up his own play as well as those around him in big games and big moments in close games.

Athletic Ability

Adequate athletic ability with a combination of good balance, solid agility and marginal quickness and explosiveness. Is more athletic than given credit for.

Play Strength

Solid strength to make throws through contact in the pocket. Uses big frame and body to his advantage to stay up long enough to make throws as he is getting tackled. Adequate ability to break strong tackles from defensive lineman and linebackers in the pocket to keep plays alive.

Play Speed

Uses solid mental processing and quick release to show good timing on throws over the middle and outside the hashes.

Position Specifics


Displays good accuracy to all levels (short, intermediate, deep). Consistently shows good ball placement on a variety of routes and situations to put the ball where only his guy can get it. Throws good runner’s balls to lead his receiver in stride and allow them to create yards after the catch. Needs to get a little more consistent at throwing runner’s ball to maximize yards after catch on intermediate crossing routes.


Good poise in big moments with a certain calmness about him despite team being in a tough situation. Was able to keep cool and still keep his mind on the defense against TCU despite many low snaps throughout the game. Does begin to rush his footwork and become more hesitant and less accurate when pressured consistently throughout the game (see game at Purdue).

Decision Making

Overall is a solid decision maker who hits wide open guys (that happened often in college). Did make some questionable decisions trying to force the ball into tight coverage in the red zone when the field shrinks. Does have a tendency to make some predetermined quick throws based on what he saw from the defense pre-snap. Struggles to read the defense after a blitz bluff and doesn’t always account for dropping linebacker.

Arm Strength

Solid arm strength to make all the throws needed for the next level. Can get some good zip on the ball to fit it into some tight windows on short and intermediate throws. Displays solid ability to push the ball deep down the field. Lacks the pure arm strength to get enough on intermediate out routes if he is unable to really step into his throws.

Extend Plays

Shows solid ability to at least be able to move and navigate the pocket enough to find open receivers. Marginal ability to keep plays alive or create yards on the ground with his legs. Displays adequate feel for the pocket stepping right into pressure and sacks at times.


Good, quick release to get the ball out of his hands quickly for various screen passes. Displays a good over-the-top throwing motion without dropping the ball too low or winding up. Shows good footwork that works well with his torso and upper body to be fluid throughout throwing motion.


Excellent touch on all of his throws when needed. Consistently able to drop the ball in the bucket on throws down the field. Able to use excellent touch on intermediate routes as well to put the ball right on the money after dropping it over linebackers in coverage. Does have a tendency to put too much touch on the ball on red zone and endzone throws, allowing defensive backs to catch up and make a play on the ball.


Haskins is a one-year starter who started only 14 out of 22 career games played. He does display good accuracy with solid arm strength and poise to be successful in the NFL. He does need to improve consistency in regards to his decision making, especially in the red zone. Is not going to wow with athleticism or create big plays with his legs, but can usually keep plays alive from the pocket long enough to get a pass off. Would benefit from being in a situation similar to Patrick Mahomes at the start of his career where he sits and learns from a veteran quarterback his rookie year. He will also benefit from a strong run game early in his career as he gains needed experience that he didn’t receive in college and refines his decision making and ability to read defenses pre- and post-snap.

Grade: QB1, Top-15 pick.

Projected Round: First. Top-10 pick.

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