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Dyansty League – Bahumbug

Building your own Dynasty – Ba Hum Bug!

Don’t get me wrong, I think Doug Coutts REALLY knows his fantasy football. He’s a veteran out there in a field of rookies. Doug’s passion for fantasy football leaps out of his articles. But, after reading Doug’s Building Your Dynasty article, I’ve come to the conclusion that in this one case, he’s just plain WRONG!

Sure, a dynasty league can work All it takes is at least 16 totally dedicated people who are in it for the long haul, won’t get discouraged when they have a terrible team with no starting running backs, and are completely passionate and fanatical about the sport. What I don’t get is why people find dynasties interesting.

This year, like every other year, I get excited during the draft order selection process. This is weeks before the actual draft happens! The commish pulls out the playing cards numbered Ace-Queen, shuffles them, puts them upside down on the table, and I’m sitting there just praying I pull the Ace this year. Just knowing that I might have a possibility this year of grabbing the consensus #1 pick, Marshal Faulk, and riding that stud all year long is truly exciting! How can this possibly compare to a rookie only draft in a dynasty league? It doesn’t. In a dynasty, one person gets lucky enough to draft Faulk during their first year, and is riding the wave for the next 8-10 years. Boring!

Each year a redraft has the same excitement. In past years, the #1 pick might have been Farve, or Rice, or Terrell Davis. Each year brings a new number 1 pick. But, it’s funny, for those that have been in “redraft leagues” before, know that history somehow repeats itself. Doesn’t the same guy always end up with Eddie George every single year? You hear it at the draft, “Welcome back Jason Elam to the Wookies squad!” It’s exciting to pick up new players each year…and it’s also exciting to grab a few of your old favorites as well. Even better is when Fred Taylor is there for the taking and you pass on him . I can hear it now, “I don’t care how good he is, he’s not ruining my team for a 3rd straight year!”. Now THAT is exciting fantasy football!

Still don’t buy into my theory, let me give you a specific example. Doug explained that in a dynasty league its essential to have a large number of participants and a large supply of backup players. Very true. Know what happens though? Everyone is really, really thin at running back. It’s pretty pathetic, really. There’s one team that has 2 or 3 of the good RBs and smokes everyone week in and week out. You know Doug’s dynasty league? I’ll give you an example of one of the teams RBs in Doug’s dynasty league – Michael Bennett – MIN, Richard Huntley – ??, Joseph Elvis – JAX, Richie Anderson – NYJ, Cory Schlesinger – DET. YUK! It’s going to be a long year for …we’ll I don’t want to say…ahh…let’s use an alias, say…Don for example. Sorry Don. Other than Benett, it’s pretty darn thin. And believe me, Bennett was a big ‘ol bust last year. Imagine what happens on Bennett’s bye week, Don’s starting RB is Richie Anderson….Double-YUK! What if your one legit RB goes down for the year. Oh, you can just pick up another one…ya right. Every potential RB is already sitting on someone’s bench.

Let me tell you, if you can get 16 guys into a league and 6 of them are going 0-10 to start the season, you are going to lose people fast. Believe me, it’s just not that much fun taking a beating each and every week when you know your team completely sucks. And then the real chaos starts happening. Oh, I can hear it now, “Ah…sorry…I forgot to submit my line-up this week”. Other teams then start screaming that the league is bull! This is because some teams are getting automatic wins because a few of the guys are no longer submitting their weekly line-up. When players are on starting fantasy rosters that are on NFL bye weeks., it just becomes chaos. And if there is money on the line…Ugh! I won’t even go there.

On the other hand, in a traditional fantasy football league, there are 12 teams, 4 of which make the playoffs, and 4 of which are right there at the end of the season vying for the playoffs. Everyone generally feels “into the game”. That’s what makes it fun, and that’s why people are so enthused about this sport. When 33% of the teams make the playoffs year in and year out, people will have a good time!

So for now, stick with a redraft league! Hell, join up for more than one, I’m in 3! I love it and I can’t wait for the draft order get together!!! Come-on Commish…let’s get it started now!!!

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