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Dynasty Draft & Team Management Guide

Have you ever wanted to play the role of NFL general

  If you have, don’t fool

  You will never get that
opportunity, unless of course you join or form a dynasty league. I mean why
not, right?

; it’s only the latest up and
coming craze in the fantasy football world and it’s only bound to grow even more in popularity.

  But before you start drafting
please read this guide in its entirety, and visit the Shark Tank Message Board
for any additional questions.


What is a dynasty?

According to, “A

dynasty is a succession of rulers who belong to the same family for

  According to Fantasy
Sharks and the rest of the fantasy world a dynasty refers to a type of team or
league in it for the long run.

means that each owner is not only drafting to win in year one, but in every
other year after that as well.

Essentially, the owner is building a dynasty (go figure), but without
the videotapes and the hoody wearing coach.

No, but seriously; below you will find a few tips as to how you should
go about drafting and maintaining your dynasty team.


the Beginning

Balance, Balance, Balance…….

The one concept that I like to stress to new dynasty owners is

  Veterans to dynasty may have
their own other ways, but even those not new to dynasty can take away something
from the content following, so keep reading.


Before we get to the good stuff you should know that there are
two aspects of balance that you should be thinking about when putting your
dynasty team together; age and scoring.

let’s take a look at each one more in-depth!


Age Balance

It’s easy to fall in to the trap with the meat in it.

  In this case the meat is the youth movement
of the NFL.

  Yes, you want to build a
team with a lot of young potential, but it’s the veterans that keep your team

  Remember you still have to
win, so drafting for the future (like they say in the NBA) isn’t always the
perfect solution; ask the Chicago Bulls.

I mean let’s be honest, would you rather have a player ride your bench
for three years only for him to not pan out anyways, or would you rather have a
veteran contribute to you winning on a week to week basis?



Scoring Balance

Think of it like a real NFL team in that every player has a
role and is assigned a certain job.

example, in a PPR league you may choose to draft a young wide receiver like the
Lions’ Roy Williams, to be your top wide out, but then you would want to make
sure you grab a receiver who has a history of catching a lot of passes at some
point of your draft.

  This creates

  Ultimately the idea is to not
only build a team that wins right away, but also has just as good of a chance
of winning down the road with each individual aspect of scoring covered at the
same time.

Bye Weeks

In my first dynasty draft like a normal seasoned vet I focused too much of my
efforts on making sure my bye weeks were covered.

  Rookie mistake!

  After that first draft I realized my mistake
and immediately fixed it moving forward.

Remember, in your first dynasty draft you’re building your foundation
for the long haul, so the last thing you should be worried about is bye weeks,
because they’re going to change from year to year.

  If you do focus too much on bye weeks I
guarantee you will lose out on more talented players for the long haul.

I know I did!


The injury bug seems to bite hard every fantasy season, but believe it or not
there are ways to ease or eliminate the pain.

First, be attentive to players who have a history of suffering common
injuries and if you do draft those players build some solid depth behind

  And second, take a look at some of
the veterans who have a history of staying healthy and make it a goal to grab
one at some point during your draft.

perfect example of this going in to the 2008 season is Warrick Dunn.

  Dunn hasn’t missed a game in over four
seasons and would provide solid depth at running back for a team owner worried
about injury at the position.

  Yes, for
the most part it’s almost impossible to predict injuries, but you do have the
power to be prepared in the short and long-term for any kind of bug that bites
your fantasy team.


Go against the grain…..

In NASCAR they always say on the broadcasts that it’s always
the drivers that time their pits perfectly and out of sync with the rest of the
field that sometimes end up towards the front by the end of the race.

  Apply this to your draft.

  In other words, when drafting your dynasty
team don’t conform to what the other owners are doing.

  Stay focused on the

higher value, and don’t worry about
talent running out at a certain position, because as soon as you do some other
owner will start a new run at a different position, and then you’ll be stuck in
the trap with the rest of the field drafting the same kind of value they

  In my latest dynasty draft IDP
players were involved, and while all the other owners were stacking their teams
with defensive players in the mid-rounds I focused on building up my youth and
depth at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver with a mix of players
like Joe Flacco, Donte Stallworth, Jordy Nelson, and Donnie Avery in rounds

  Then, later in the draft I
received a message asking why I took all the good rookie wide receivers, and
was receiving trade proposals left and right.

The scramble was on, and I was able to grab a lot of late round steals
on defense who hold the same or higher value as some of the defensive players
that were selected earlier in the draft by the competition.


So, if you want to round turn four five car lengths ahead of
the next owner go against the grain, and stay focused on

higher value!

  Trust me you want to be the Kyle Busch of
your league and not Dale Earnhardt Jr.



Player and
Team Management

Okay, so it’s week twelve and you’re 3-8 and really don’t have a shot at making
it to your league playoffs; what do you do?

Well, that all depends.

are that if you’re 3-8 you either didn’t create enough balance, or your players
just really sucked.

  Take a long look at
your team and find the holes.

  If you
feel your team is too young, find a team who has a few veterans who they may
not plan on keeping for the season following and offer that team one of your
late draft picks in next year’s supplemental/rookie draft.

  They probably will bite, especially if
they’re out of playoff contention or stacked at that position.

  If your team is too old find the player on
the team who you think you could do without who has value and offer him up to a
team who has an outside shot of making the playoffs for a draft pick.

  I always think of it like Major League

  The teams that are making a
run sometimes salvage a few prospects for a key ingredient to winning right
away, and vice versa.

  But no matter what
happens always keep the word, balance, flowing through your mind when making
moves and rebuilding or maintaining your dynasty team.


As you can see you have a lot to think about, but always remember that if you
find yourself stuck and are unsure about a move that you should/shouldn’t make
don’t be afraid to post a question in the Shark Tank Message Board.

  There are plenty of knowledgeable sharks who
can point you in the right direction

Thanks for reading!

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