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Dynasty League Rookie Mock Draft

10-teams, 3 rounds

Standard scoring with PPR

Offense only (QB, RB, WR, and TE)

1. SJSwarm
2. Buckeyeftblgod
3. Feral Pig
4. DynastyForce
5. Marik7772003
6. OarChambo
7. Powerhousebum
8. Cyguy84
9. Jetsman 2806
10. xX-MaNx

So with the first pick in the 2009 Rookie Mock Draft SJSwarm selects….

1.01 Michael Crabtree (WR) San Francisco 49ers

Compares to: Sterling Sharpe

I am not a huge Moreno or Wells fan, and my mancrush on Donald Brown went out the window when Indy took him, so to me Crabtree is a no brainer. I see him putting up WR2-WR2.5 #’s even in his rookie year, and the sky is the limit if the Niners upgrade the QB position in the next couple seasons. Mark my words, every team who passed on Crabtree will regret it (except maybe Seattle, who got the best player in the draft period) so don’t make the same mistake they did, draft Crabtree, and enjoy him for years to come.

1.02 Knowshon Moreno (RB) Denver Broncos

I would have rather gotten Crabbie Patties here. I think this pick can go either way with Beanie and Knowshon. I prefer the situation Mereno is in only slightly more than the one Beanie is in. My reasoning is that the line is pretty much the same in both places and I can’t see Denver switching from a ZBS given their personnel. Denver has made some rough decisions this off season and really hasn’t improved their defense, due to this I can really see them becoming more of a ball control offense. Which means tons of short passes and carries for the RB.

1.03 Chris Wells (RB) Arizona Cardinals

After last year’s Dynasty Feast of RBs, this year’s class looks more like a Happy Meal. A couple of the top WRs could be considered here, as could Stafford if taking a longer term approach. But the value commodity and priority is always going to be on finding the RB talent. Wells has some concerns, but is going to be in the best position of any RB in this year’s draft to move into a featured role. 235lb RBs that run sub-4.5 40’s are a rare thing. Putting one on a team with little competition is enough to warrant taking him here with the 3rd pick.

1.04 Donald Brown (RB) Indianapolis Colts

Glad I dodged a bullet and didn’t have to pick third… At #4 with the top tier RB and WR off the board I would typically look to QB. But this year neither Stafford or Sanchez excite me at all. I have seen Brown ranked as high as 2 with an average ranking of 4. I also like to take the higher back drafted by the NFL in a rookie draft (after all they live, die, and make it their business to know these rookies in and out so I always feel their judgment should be trusted). Indy selected Brown over Wells, and project him to split 50/50 with the goal line carries. While Brown will be in a RBBC, I can see him emerging as the better talent over Addai, and if Brown takes on a MBIII role in a high powered offense he could prove to be a solid filler for your team. Lets not forget Addai missed 4 games last year, any reoccurring injury and you can take Brown all the way to the bank. As far as WR, Harvin, Nicks and Maclin are all tempting, but my rule of thumb is RB first and foremost unless a talent like Crabtree is available.

1.05 Shonn Greene (RB) NY Jets

With three RBs off the board, the pick came down to two players: Greene and a player to be named later. The Jets trading up to get Greene sent a clear message to Thomas Jones and his ongoing holdout. Greene is the heir apparent to Jones. In this shallow RB class with three off the board already, Greene is a fine dynasty prospect this year. Rex Ryan desires to implement a run-first offense this year, even with Mark Sanchez waiting in the wings, and Greene should easily help out with Ryan’s yearnings. Greene is a smashmouth, in-your-face, physical runner, which should bode well with the Jets’ o-line. Although special WR talents such as Britt, Harvin, and Nicks are still on the board, this class is extremely deep at WR, which you can’t say the same about with the RBs here, and Shonn is a prospect that can pay dividends now and especially in the future.

1.06 LeSean Shady McCoy (RB) Philadelphia Eagles

This truly is a shark draft – RB Whores unite! Seriously, pre offseason I felt Shady was the best back in this class, but he failed to show during the last few months he has the measurables that most top-of-the-line backs possess so he fell a bit in the draft and won’t even be given a look as a full time back barring injury in the foreseeable future. That said, you have to think given Westbrook’s age and medical history that he’s going to be given opportunities in the near future and if he proves himself may warrant a trial look as the feature back when Westbrook departs. Between all that and the cliff like dive in RB talent after Shady, he’s a solid pick here.

1.07 James Davis (RB) Cleveland Browns

So first let me start off by saying I almost went with Pettigrew but tight ends are so hit-or-miss I decided to wait till later. No QB is worth going in the first round IMO, and I don’t like any of the WR’s situations enough to warrant a choice in the first round. So that leaves us with RB. Jamal Lewis is circling the bowl and James Davis is the future.

While he pass blocks like a stoned paraplegic, he’s a great north-south runner, runs faster than his 40 time, and has better hands than most people think. He has to beat out Jerome Harrison, who’s probably going to stay the 3rd down back, Noah Herron, and Marcus Thomas. I like his chances. With Alex Mack (this alone make me likes his chances even more) and Joe Thomas anchoring the line and little competition keeping him from the backup job he’s one injury away from a starting job.

1.08 Hakeem Nicks (WR) NY Giants

I am very surprised to see all RB’s go off the board before me. That gives me my pick of the WR’s. Unfortunately, like last year, there are several receivers in similar situations, so guessing which one will be a stud is difficult. The good news is that last year, I limited my options to the first 5 receivers taken and then chose based on opportunity, and I was rewarded with drafting Royal.

So at this point I am considering DHB, Maclin, Harvin, Nicks and Britt. I’ll even add Robiskie to this; although his ceiling is lower, he will be a fantasy option sooner. Each has concerns and potential, so choosing is difficult. Almost all of them will have opportunity– DHB can be the #1 in Oakland, Maclin will probably relegate Curtis to #3 and he and Desean will be #1/#2, Harvin will have a unique role in MIN, Nicks will be given the Plaxico role, and Britt is the only receiver I would consider in TEN.

All that said, the person I think has the best chance to be a fantasy factor both in the short term and the long term would be Nicks. I am torn between him and Maclin, but with a rookie receiver last year, I don’t think the Eagles will be forced to rush Maclin in the same way that Nicks will be. The concern with Nicks is that the Giants already have Manningham and also drafted Ramses Barden, so there is competition. He should have the ability and be given the opportunity to perform this year, however, so he is my choice.

(I should add– I don’t trust Oakland, so that limited DHB. I don’t think Collins will throw enough in TEN to make Britt a WR3 or better this year, and while I am high on Harvin and think he will be used in a lot of different ways, I prefer choosing a “pure” WR with this choice.)

1.09 Jemery Maclin (WR) Philadelphia Eagles

Probably one of the better situations for any rookie wr to land. Maclin should start opposite DeSean Jackson from week 1 and put up good numbers in his rookie season. Surprised that he lasted as long as he did.

1.10 Mark Sanchez (QB) NY Jets

Not a lot of value left in this position….while I could go the way of RB or WR, the value is simply too risky or does not have enough ceiling. While there is a big debate on whether Sanchez will produce or not, the ceiling this guy potentially has is too much to pass up. Sanchez is in a better position than Stafford (better O-line) and I think he makes smarter decisions which should yield to a better TD:Int ratio. It’s a gamble pick, but a better one than Percy Harvin or Matt Stafford IMO.[/u]

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