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Hello, welcome to Week 1 of Dynasty Notes. It’s about time that we got the season started. While the name of this article is Dynasty Notes, I will definitely be providing a lot of redraft wisdom. If you aren’t more enlightened by the end of this article … then you weren’t paying attention.

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

First off, this guy is worth the price of admission and is going to be the centerpiece of the Carolina offense. Scouts have called him the best route runner in this draft, bar none. That’s right. Rumor had it that he would have been a first-round pick as a wide receiver. So, if the current owner of McCaffrey is not sold on him as the real deal, make your move in both redraft and dynasty.

In dynasty, I’d offer his current owner exactly what he paid for McCaffrey and then a little more. Just maybe he’ll be happy to turn a profit and move on. If not, he’s definitely worth more.

In redraft, he’s going to be a beast as a rookie. How big of a beast, you ask? How about at least 60 receptions? Carolina did not spend a Top 10 pick in the NFL draft to redshirt McCaffrey. Quarterback Cam Newton needed help and the front office got him the best available. Don’t get distracted by all this talk about a timeshare with Jonathan Stewart. He’s 30 years old and his skill set is eroding. Yes, he will vulture some goal line touchdowns if he can manage to stay healthy. But let’s get one thing straight – this backfield belongs to McCaffrey.

Jonathan Williams, RB, Denver Broncos (Practice Squad)

I can’t take it anymore. The guy fails to get claimed after being cut by Buffalo and all of a sudden he has no dynasty value. A major news site proclaimed that Williams’ inability to land on a team’s roster after two days is obviously a bad sign for his dynasty league future. Are you kidding me? Prior to getting cut Williams was one of the hottest handcuffs in both redraft and dynasty. And while his redraft value has definitely taken a hit, his dynasty value remains the same, if not better.

The minimum salary that a player on the practice squad can make is $7,200 per week, or $122,400 for a 16-game season. Denver offered Williams $510,000 to sign with their practice squad. That’s $45,000 more than the active roster minimum of $465,000. If money talks, this is what I’m hearing, Denver really likes Williams and will promote him to the active roster as soon as he’s ready.

The bottom line is, if you were rostering Williams before he was cut by Buffalo, continue to do so. If an owner in your league bought into the doom-and-gloom being peddled by the national media and cut Williams, feel free to roster him at no cost.

Here’s something to remember – running back Mike Gillislee was out of work for 17 days the first time he was cut. Then only lasted one month on the Arizona practice squad before getting cut again. By the way, in case you haven’t been following Gillislee’s career, he’s currently listed as the No. 1 running back on the New England depth chart.

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