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Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Focus on Quarterbacks

If there was one word that best describes this year’s rookie class of quarterbacks it’s opportunity.  Yes, Joe Flacco has a cannon for an arm, and Matt Ryan has mad accuracy, but as a whole this group is not impressive from a talent standpoint. That’s alright because some of this year’s top five may see plenty of snaps, once they get their opportunity.  So without further a due, I give you my best read on the rookie class of quarterbacks of ’08. 

Brian Brohm: The former Louisville star is not only possibly
the most pro ready quarterback in this draft class, but he also has the best
weapons to throw to which should equate to a great NFL career; once he gets his
chance that is.

  “I’m going to be
preparing as if I’m going to be playing. I think that’s how everyone needs to
look at it,” Brohm said in a recent interview with

JSOnline. “I need to prove in the preseason, and in the camps,
that I can go out there and do that.”

If you don’t have an immediate need for a quarterback and are looking
towards the future Brohm should be at the top of your list.


Matt Ryan:  When it’s
all said and done Ryan may end up posting the best numbers of this group of
quarterbacks this season, but his future doesn’t look as bright as the kid from


  Ryan also may be the safest pick this fantasy
season, for the only player standing between him and the starting job is Chris
Redman, and well…… I’ll let you finish that thought.

 The bottom line is that Ryan should be a legitimate
starter by mid season, and if he can develop some solid chemistry with breakout WR Roddy White he could put up some nice fantasy numbers for years to come.

Joe Flacco:  Word out

Baltimore is that Joe Flacco has
been outperforming both Kyle Boller, and Troy Smith.


You shouldn’t be.

  Flacco has been
impressing player personnel and coaches since his arrival at the combine, and
he’s not about to stop.


kid has a big arm, and looks extremely comfortable in the pocket.

  Here’s what veteran WR Derrick Mason said impressed
him the most about Flacco in a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, “Of course his arm strength. The one pass he
threw to wide receiver Mark Clayton, I think was about 50 yards down the field
in the air on target. The way he commanded the huddle with the team that was in
there with him also impressed me. I think that speaks volumes of him, and he’s
just got to continue to do that, and I think the more and more he’s out there
and the more and more he’s around the guys, he’ll get used to everybody and
feel more confident. But, getting everybody in the huddle and getting going was

  The sky is the limit with
this kid, but the Ravens really haven’t had a productive fantasy producer at
quarterback in a long time, so this is probably the appropriate spot for Flacco
at this point.




The Miami Dolphins have a major
quarterback controversy in front of them that may take some time to sort

  In the middle of it is rookie QB
Chad Henne.

  The former

alum had a good initial showing at camp, but more recently has had some problems with overthrown balls.

coaches say they have thrown a lot at Henne, but at the present time Henne
looks nothing more than a back-up in 2008, and may not even be worth a spot on
any fantasy rosters, especially if the Dolphins don’t get some receivers for
him to throw to once he does take over as the starter.


John David Booty:  The
Vikings may have found a fifth round steal with the selection of the USC star

  Booty has a good arm, and
may get his shot in the near future if Tarvaris Jackson doesn’t progress in

  The Vikings have added Bernard Berrian to join Sidney Rice in their wide receiver corps, and have that Peterson guy in the backfield.

  Right now, John David Booty is nothing more
than a back-up, but if

slips up or gets bitten by the injury bug you can bet that this Heisman trophy
quarterback will get his shot, especially if the Vikings take themselves out of playoff contention late.

  If you’re
in a deeper dynasty league and have an open roster spot for a developmental quarterback,
Booty is your man.

  Man his name is hard
to say without laughing!

Others to consider

Josh Johnson:

Garcia is getting up there in age, and Chris Simms may never return to full

  Plus, Gruden has already won a
Super Bowl with a Johnson at quarterback.



Erik Ainge:  You never
know what the Jets are going to do with their quarterbacks.

  Both Clemens and Pennington have a lot to
prove yet, and Ainge has the skills to take over the top spot. 

Kevin O’Connell:

Patriots may just keep him to challenge Tom Brady…… for non-NFL competitions,
that is.

  I wonder if Brady has
introduced him to any of Giselle’s supermodel friends yet?

Andre Woodson:  The
only thing going for Woodson is that he weighs less than his fellow

quarterback Jared Lorenzen.

  Let’s just
hope that they don’t tour

New York’s
finest restaurants together.


Yes I know it’s a sad, sad class, but lucky for you my next piece will be on a much deeper, better position with a Jones, Stewart, and yet another Johnson. 

Thanks for reading! 

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