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Dynasty Rookie Rankings

There will be some players here at places that won’t surprise you… some that will… and others you possibly might not have heard much about before!

This list is a compilation of rookies that have the ability to not only succeed at the NFL level, but have the opportunity either imminently or in the near future.

As such, they are broken down into tiers and explanations given as to how, and just as importantly, why they make the list.

One thing this is not? It is not an ADP list. There are some very good ADP lists here and elsewhere. At its core, it’s a shortlist of players in this year’s draft class that tick more boxes than any other rookies at their positions.

Whilst geared towards dynasty drafts – as it’s a ranking rather ADP list – redrafters can also make use of it.

The running order (for ease of reference is) as you’d expect is QB, RB, WR then TE. “If it ain’t broke…”. Enjoy!

QB Rankings

1.1 Sam Bradford

2.1 Colt McCoy
2.2 Tim Tebow

3.1 John Skelton

4.1 Jonathan Crompton
4.2 Joe Webb


Sam Bradford

Bradford is far & away the only blue-chip QB rookie in this season’s draft. In my opinion he’s an even better prospect than anyone in last year’s class either (Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez) & the sole resident of tier 1.

Sam Bradford has plenty going for him in terms of mechanics, zip, accuracy, depth, footwork – all of which can be improved upon, but he’s starting from a much higher level than anyone else either this season or last. With as much that has been written about him, I don’t feel the need to retread perfectly good tires that have rolled by often enough before. Suffice to say – he’s more than a bit good.

St. Louis
drafted him to be the
center piece of their offense and he should be given time. The biggest problem that
Bradford will have is that he’s not going to be a viable starter in your lineup for a couple of seasons.  He hasn’t walked into a team with productive personnel – he has question marks at WR, question marks at TE and will be relying on the ubiquitous Steven Jackson in the

St. Louis
offense to keep defenses honest.

The pre-season injuries to Jason Smith (out for all the OTA’s – stress fracture, foot), Mark Setterstrom (likely heading for IR – torn triceps) & Rodger Saffold (short term injury – knee sprain) are huge right now for
Bradford‘s development. Center Jason Brown is the sole starter on the offensive line without an injury right now.

Hopefully, Steve Spagnuolo will be as patient with Bradford as he’s maintained he will be, if he is… and if you are… then
Bradford could reach some dizzying heights with people already comparing him to Peyton Manning.

One can only hope.

Colt McCoy

The real problem I have with McCoy has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with the inscrutability of Mike Holmgren. The Cleveland franchise is currently getting a much needed revamp and Holmgren is – in my opinion – the best man for that job. The personnel he’s already brought into both the front office and the roster speaks volumes for that.

Currently, Holmgren had seen enough of both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn to realize neither were the answer, and astutely has brought in a much needed calming and respected locker room leader, Jake Delhomme, as well as another player, Seneca Wallace, whom is very comfortable and has a deep working knowledge and understanding of the style of offense Holmgren likes to implement. Neither is the long term answer and they know that.

Holmgren also has a history of never – repeat, never – starting his rookie QB’s in their 1st season. I’d expect the same treatment with McCoy. A year to watch, learn and absorb the mentoring of Delhomme and Wallace will do him no harm at all. It’s not like the receiving options are so wonderful in Cleveland that they need to rush him along, either. If they can bring him along in a traditional pro-offense, then Holmgren’s record with QB’s speaks for itself having worked with, coached and developed players like Steve Young, Joe Montana, Brett Favre & Matt Hasselbeck.

Don’t expect Delhomme to be displaced by McCoy at all this season. What if he implodes? It’ll be Seneca Wallace that steps in; I don’t expect to see McCoy anytime before 2011.

And therein is another problem…

I don’t think even the most ardent Browns’ fan is anticipating a division title or play-off run and are probably going to be looking at a top-10 draft pick next season. Next season happens to have a number of very good QB prospects. Is McCoy just a project, a placeholder until 2011? I don’t think so – he’s a coach’s son with a ton of talent and out of all the QBs drafted this season he’s landed in the best possible environment to give him a chance to be a successful QB. Holmgren won’t rush him and he’ll be the man that will get the best out of him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if McCoy outperforms this years class of QBs in 2011 if he’s given the nod –
Bradford included.

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