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Everybody Plays the Fool… Sometimes.

Last week we looked forward to some things. Some things turned out very well and some just plain bombed. In this topsy, turvy world that is fantasy football, owners want it all and they want it now. Setting your expectation level is the best way to avoid heartburn about what you think is going to happen.

I expected to see Chris Johnson show the world that his 4.24 speed was paired with excellent vision and a pretty good straight arm.

Leading into the fourth quarter, I was in awe that LenDale White could run 80 yards without being caught. Johnson had 99 yards but no TDs and owners were beginning to wonder with the Titans lead if Johnson would even stay in the game.

Early in the fourth quarter, CJ raced to paydirt on a 60-yard run. He ended the day with 168 yards on 18 carries and a TD. He increased his YPC substantially as he averaged 9.33 yards per carry. The performance is what owners like myself were expecting. Watch him do it again this week against Indy!

The Baltimore Ravens defense showed that the wildcat offense is not a viable option, holding Ronnie Brown in check for 27 yards on 13 carries.

They had good pressure all day. Although they only got to quarterback Chad Pennington with one sack, the pressure lead to a bad throw and a Terrell Suggs interception return for a touchdown. We all looked forward to the Ravens defense scoring some points on defense and we weren’t disappointed.

Shaun Alexander‘s debut was as expected this week with him touching the ball three times for eight yards. Clinton Portis carried the bulk of the load. Portis has had injury history and as he continues to get 20-plus carries the question looms whether or not he can continue this pace. Alexander will obviously get more work going forward. I expect to see him get at least 10 carries this week as well as a goal line opportunity versus the Lions as they run up the score at Ford Field.

Brad Johnson looked very rusty as the Cowboys were stomped by a hungry Rams team. You can’t pin the whole loss on Johnson though. The team had its own issues turning the ball over although Johnson’s three interceptions were a key to the loss. They lost the battle of field position all day that lead to a deflated Cowboy defense. Mr. Checkdown was 17 of 34 for 234 and a score to back up tight end Martellus Bennett. He was who we thought he was.

I had Roy Williams as a must start even with a backup QB and in a new system. The Rams had looked so bad that I was fooled into thinking that the defense was soft. I expected big D to be up early and Roy to get some work with the game out of hand. Perhaps I was so happy that

Roy got out of the motorless city and cast into the bright lights that I couldn’t help but think of the upside. I was right only that the upside is much better in


Forget that some analysts think that trading for

Roy was the wrong move. Forget about the writers think that he has to compete with Jason Witten, Marion Barber and Terrell Owens.

Roy is a tremendous talent and has the skills to be an elite receiver.

  He will shine once getting a week or so to digest the playbook. Don’t think of

Roy as competing, because he is about to be a featured receiver. Owner Jerry Jones is very vocal about getting back on track, and since Williams isn’t the problem consider him the solution.

I bombed on starting

Roy a week or so before he was ready because my regular Anquan Boldin was on a bye after the injury. I could have started Donnie Avery who had a nice coming out against two rookie corners but couldn’t fight the feeling to start


I will take a wait and see on him this week but he will be involved this week. I’ll put some tabasco on my crow. It tastes like farm fresh hot wings.

Here’s the must have acquisitions this week:

Grab Josh Morgan as fast as you can. Forget about Isaac Bruce being the lead dog. Have you seen this kid play? Another Va. Tech receiver who is making the transition to star.

Did you sleep on Eddie Royal? Probably thought he was undersized and played only in place of Brandon Marshall while suspended. You were pleasantly surprised by Royal. Be prepared to be surprised in this pick. Morgan has better size (6’0″, 219lbs.) and while he doesn’t have all the speed of Royal, he makes up for it in leaping ability. Morgan is fortunate to be on a team that has to throw to win. He is a must acquire. I can’t stress this enough.

I’m not telling you to drop your best talent to get him. I am, however, suggesting that he could be a nice acquisition and a must have in a keeper league.

Kevin Curtis returns to the Philly lineup this week. If you don’t remember McNabb’s favorite target, it’s time to reacquaint yourself. Forget Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown and Jason Avant. The only three names you should concern yourself in Philly are Westbrook, Curtis and L.J. Smith.

Worst audible of the week:

Tom Cable, interim coach of the Raiders, calls a timeout to ice the kicker and New York Jets kicker Jay Feely’s kick is blocked. This leads to another attempt and Feely nails the kick and gives the Jets another opportunity to win going to overtime. Nice thing for a kicker to know you have the distance and get a second try on the angle. Cable was lucky the Jets didn’t win the game.

How ridiculous is the practice of icing the kicker?

Best Audible of the week:

Raiders fake punt and snap to the upback, who happens to be the best special team player, John Alston. The former Stanford Cardinal runs for a first down past a sleeping Jets D.

We don’t need no stinking punter.

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