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Everything’s Coming Up Jay

may take a few months for a rose plant to grow, but you may have to wait three
years for a Bronco quarterback to flourish under Coach Mike Shanahan.

  But, this week’s Broncos game showed that the
wait is often worthwhile, and the results are just as breathtaking.

weeks ago, I posted in the forums about trading Carson Palmer for Brandon
Jacobs, because I believed that my “backup” Jay Cutler would become a Top 5
quarterback by the end of the season.

laughed at my suggestion.

  Who’s chuckling now? 

Cutler began the season
with such an exclamation point, his many doubters should be re-evaluating their
original assessment.


sharks, please do not mistake my giddiness for boasting.

  I just can’t contain my enthusiasm that Jay Cutler
bloomed on national television before my very eyes.

it’s still a little premature to serve crow to the Cutler doubters who scoffed
at the possibility of such enormous growth this season.

  Even after sowing the seeds with an amazing
first game, becoming a Top 5 quarterback in the National Football League will not
be a stroll in the park.

  However, with most
of this season’s studs beginning with uninspiring performances, my skills as a fantasy
football Nostradamus are looking uncanny.

example, Peyton Manning looked lost on Sunday night without his amigo center,
Jeff Saturday.

  Carson Palmer looked
dreadful with a banged up offense that could get worse before it gets

  And, do you hear that

  That’s the sound of Tom the
Terrific’s season coming to screeching halt. (We’ll miss you Tom!)


though wily fantasy sharks anticipated some of the performances described above,
I was guessing my man-crush would have wait until Week 2 to blossom.

  Even I, the president of Cutler’s unofficial,
non-existent fan club, waivered over playing my backup, Matt Hasselbeck, instead
Cutler in one league.

  After all, the
Bronco’s top weapon, Brandon Marshall would be out this past week serving a
suspension, and what chance did Jay Cutler have to start of his season with a
bang while facing the Raiders’ big, bad secondary?

  Fortunately, I stuck with Jay in spite of
these potential thorns.

  Cutler threw two
touchdowns for a hair under 300 yards.

The Broncos crushed the Raiders 41-14. Further, it seems that Coach
Shanahan has been taking notes from Coach Bellicheck, opting to still throw the
ball late in the 4th quarter with an insurmountable lead.

  Who would have thought?


we are on the topic of Mike Shanahan, every fantasy shark knows that when it
comes to guessing the running back “flavor of the week,” the coach has a
tendency to drive fantasy fanatics crazy. However, in the area of grooming quarterbacks,
he has a rich history of nurturing them into arm slinging monsters.

  In 1987, John Elway throws for 3,198 yards
and 19 touchdowns and won the league MVP during a strike shortened season.

  In 1994, Steve Young had the best QB rating
and passing completion of his career.

  Heck, in 200 even Brian Griese had a career year receiving an invitation
to the Pro Bowl.

  What do these
quarterbacks all have in common?


  They all thrived starting in
Year 3 under the guide of Coach Shanahan.

say I didn’t warn you if the trend continues this season.

  With a deadly weapon in Brandon Marshall, a burgeoning
rookie named Eddie Royal, and Coach Shanahan’s impressive track record with
quarterbacks, expect fantasy sharks who can get their hands on Jay Cutler to
come out of the season “smelling like roses.”

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