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Experts Mock Draft Results

First, I think it’s important for you to know who I was drafting against so you can gauge how well I did against the competition. The draft order looked like this:

1 – Adam Conn –

2 – Greg Dietz –

3 – Jason Sarney –

4 – Chet Gresham –

5 – David Neilson – Time Warner Sports-

Kansas City

6 – Pete Davidson –

7 – Pat Mayo –

8 – Brett Greenfield – Fantasy Phenoms

9 – – Eric Huber

10 – Dave Gawron –

11 – Pat Hegewald –

12 – Paul Greco – FantasyPros911

This draft was done under the rules of a standard NFL scoring (not points per reception) league and the starting roster consists of: one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, 1 runningback/wide receiver flex, one tight end, one kicker, one team defense and a five-man bench. After looking at the list of drafters and feeling a bit intimidated, I headed into the draft. I was happy to secure the No. 2 overall pick. Of course, I started with Adrian Peterson … after that, I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

1.02- Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN

2.11- Peyton Manning, QB,


3.02- DeSean Jackson, WR, PHI

4.11- Ronnie Brown, RB, MIA

5.02- Dwayne Bowe, WR, KC

6.11- Jerome Harrison, RB, CLE

7.02- Mike Sims-Walker, WR, JAX

8.11- Owen Daniels, TE, HOU

9.02- Julian Edelman,


10.11- Tim Hightower, RB, ARI

11.02- Jets, DEF, NYJ

12.11- Greg Olsen, TE, CHI

13.02- Kevin Walter, WR, HOU

14.11- Matt Leinart, QB, ARI

15.02- David Akers, K, PHI

I started out the draft with the No. 2 pick and the decision was a no brainer. Seeing as the league is not PPR, the only logical choice was to take Peterson. Otherwise, I would have really struggled between him, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice. A couple of guys took quarterbacks early on so I wanted to be sure I grabbed a top-tier guy. It was terrible waiting for my next pick to roll around at 2.11, but when Manning was sitting there it was obviously an easy choice for me. I am a fan of building a solid core at the big three positions so coming back around at 3.02, I took my first wide receiver in DeSean Jackson. I like what Kevin Kolb is bringing to the table in
Philadelphia and think

will have just as good a year as last (and possibly better). At this point, I was nervous seeing as I had to wait for almost 20 picks until I could draft my second runningback. I ended up getting Ronnie Brown at 4.11. I wasn’t thrilled with the pick simply because he is so injury prone, but I know that when healthy he always produces, so I could’ve done much worse.

The next two rounds I focused on rounding out my core starting lineup. I grabbed Dwayne Bowe at 5.02 which was a little earlier than his average draft position, but just by a couple of picks. I like his upside and believe that he will have a breakout year. This league has a runningback/wide receiver slot and seeing as the runningback ‘pickins’ were getting a little slim, I took a shot on Jerome Harrison at 6.11. The dropoff after
Harrison was steep, so even though I’m not huge on him this year, he was much better than what I would’ve gotten had I waited a little longer. Coming back around at 7.02, I took Mike Sims-Walker. Another guy that I am kind of shaky on despite him having a big year last year, but I grabbed him two rounds later than his average draft position and he is definitely a solid WR3.

I won’t go into the depths of my roster and explain all the picks, but will point out that I got pretty lucky with my tight end position. I ended up getting Owen Daniels at 8.11 which was a round and a half past his average draft position. I have concerns about him coming off of his injury, but he’s arguably the best pass-catching tight end in football so I didn’t hesitate to draft him. I have Greg Olsen backing him up. I’m not huge on Olsen this year now that he is playing in a Mike Martz offense, but I do like having a backup tight end and he’s not a bad second option. I also grabbed Matt Leinart to back up Peyton Manning. As names kept coming off the board, I worried about who I would nab to replace Manning in his bye week (seeing as he never misses a game), but Leinart was still available at 14.11. To grab him that late made him worth it. He is typically going around 12.11 so it is huge value despite the relative unknown that he is and the question marks surrounding him.

Overall, I think I had a solid draft and if this league were to play out (which it is not scheduled to), I would be pretty confident in my squad although not all too confident about my depth at wide receiver. However, I feel as if the core of players I built was solid and the draft strategy of being able to take my top runningback, quarterback and wide receiver seemingly worked well for me this time around.

To see the full (and might I say excellent) draft analysis from the host of the draft, Jason Sarney, click over to Fantasy Phenoms.

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