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The Most Accurate Preseason Rankings in Fantasy Football

Who had the most accurate preseason rankings for 2014? Was it someone from ESPN? No. Was it someone from Yahoo!? No. Was it someone from Rotoworld? No. If was Fantasy Sharks’ very own Mike Nease! Click here to see the final standings for 2014.

Mike had always done fairly well predicting end of year scoring rankings in this contest, generally ranking in the upper 10% over the years. Mike dominated the contest to the point that the gap between 1st and 2nd was actually bigger than that between 2nd and 20th.

According to Mike, “The key to doing well in rankings contests is to KNOW and understand the rules. There are very specific rules—non-PPR, limited defensive scoring, etc. that greatly affect your selections. Here at Fantasy Sharks we have a free projections tool where you can plug in the specific league scoring. Of course, there are many factors that can have an effect on these numbers as the season unfolds, but these projections are a good indicator of what should happen for players based on optimum conditions.”

“And no, there was no cash prize, but I got a huge trophy and the bragging rights finishing in 1st earns. I was given an opportunity to present my rankings as an industry expert in Fantasy Index Magazine. I submitted my entry for the lengthy, detailed experts’ article back in May. This is done blindly, barely knowing the rookies the end of free agency and without any knowledge at all about injury status. Then at the beginning of August, I sent in my 2015 Open entry, hoping for a repeat.”

“I used this tool and broke out the top tiers in each position. I used my gut instincts and experience to tweak the numbers a bit and I will share them with you below. My Open entry was very similar to my experts’ picks because I did not want to contradict my first set of picks. Yet there were a few changes and you will see them in looking at the two columns shown for each position.”

Here are his rankings:

Nease QB
• Seeing rise in status for Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill.

• Sharp decline coming for Tom Brady.
Nick Foles is grossly underrated by most this year.

Nease RB

Alfred Morris ranked higher than usual—non-PPR league.

Arian Foster included, but lower based on partial season playing.
• Cowboys too volatile—none due to volatility and uncertainty.
• C. J. Anderson ranked higher than by many.
• Gurley and Stewart omitted—injury concerns.

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