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FanEx FAD Draft

Tony Holm

The FanEx FAD Draft is reputed to be the Grand Daddy of all drafts.  It
is a 20 round analysis draft marathon with some reputable names in the
industry.  I participate in a number of drafts each season and the FAD
is by far one of the most competitive.  The concept is to draft in May
to give the fantasy player an early look into what the experts are
thinking.  There is a 12 hour timer per pick and the draft usually
drags out for some time.  Each week during the season the best scoring
players from certain positions contribute to your score each week,
there are no trades, waiver wire pick ups, nothing.  Your draft is the
sole determinating factor as to whether you win it all, or not and we won’t know who wins until Week 17 of the 2008 season.

This year I’ll be conducting a running commentary around the draft that
I hope will give a little insight into who, what and why.  I have the 12th pick at the corner this year (boo!), not a place I like to be but we’ll see if we can put a hurting on these guys from the 12 hole.  See you in
the Sharks War Room!

The Player Analysis can be found HERE

The FanEx Site can be found HERE

The Draft Report can be found HERE

The analysis link for each pick will be up shortly.

5/14 – The draft started at noon today.  As expected, LT and Adrian Peterson were involved in the first two picks.

1.01 – RB, LaDainian Tomlinson, SD

It’s hard to fault this pick.  When you’re looking for your steady Eddy, LT is the guy and would be my pick as well.

1.02 – RB, Adrian Peterson, MIN

What this guy did last year with that hulking Vikings O-Line is almost criminal.  A sophomore with more conditioning which hopefully reduces his injury time will only help.  Going #1 overall more than LT right now.

1.03 – RB, Joseph Addai, IND

I had to stop and think about this pick.  Brian Westbrook starts to look good around here too but I like the pick.  Younger and when Marvin Harrison tails off this year as I expect he will, there’ll be a lot more balls for Addai to catch which will push him over the top and make a nice pick.  In the first round, take the RB that you feel most comfortable with over the season, not necessarily what ADP says.

5/15 – After a couple of hiccups the draft knocked down a few picks.  No real reaches or surprises yet and look right on target.

1.04 – RB, Brian Westbrook, PHI

It’s either Westbrook or Steven Jackson and I’d go Westbrook here too.  He’s always a “gulp” pick but he plays through anything even though he’ll be nicked up all season long.  In the FAD that’s OK because you don’t have to make a starting lineup decision as Westbrook seems to be a game time decision more times than he’s not. 

1.05 – RB, Steven Jackson, STL

The best RB talent left in the draft.  Hopefully the Rams will be able to get out of their own way this year because if they can’t, it could be a long year for Jackson owners.  Still, the right pick here.

1.06 – RB, Frank Gore, SF

I was hoping he may slide under the radar a little but not with this FanEx crew.  Gore had a solid second half last year and looked to be the RB that many expected him to be.  He seems a solid bet to pick up where he left off. 

1.07 – RB, Marshawn Lynch, BUF

Why not?  After Gore it starts to thin out a bit and Lynch is as good a pick as any of the remaining next tier guys.  Hopefully his TD total’s go up as he only scored 3 in the last half last season and he doesn’t catch much which in a PPR reception league is definitely a knock.  Lynch should only be headed up so I expect all his numbers to go up in 2008.  Solid pick as well.

1.08 – RB, Willis McGahee, BAL

Once again I really like the next set of picks.  I’m a fan of McGahee.  Last year he went much lower than I had him ranked and I was happy to get him in almost every draft I was in.  I’m still a fan and if the Ravens ever get good QB play he’ll sky rocket up this list.  Until then..

1.09 – RB, Larry Johnson, KC

I thought I may be looking at LJ and at 1.12 would have taken him.  He can only go up from his disappointing season last year and I’m sure he will be better and reward owners that take a chance on him.

1.10 – RB, Clinton Portis, WAS

Another RB that I thought for sure I’d be seeing at 1.12 and I already had him penciled in.  A VERY strong finish to the season for Portis and he’s rarely a sexy pick so I thought perhaps he’d fall a little.  Portis ran well last year and is perhaps the best value pick in the first round.  Another solid pick in my eyes and so far I think the FanEx’ers once again haven’t made a mistake.  Solid start.

5/15 – A few more picks came in, one more to go to Matt Pitzer and I’m
up for two.  One will be a RB for sure, preferably two, though Randy
Moss is also starting to look interesting.

5/16 – I’ve narrowed my selection down to either Marion Barber, Ryan Grant, Reggie Bush or Randy Moss with a look at MJD too.

1.11 – RB, Marion Barber, DAL

Team Pitzer took Barber with this selection and I certainly can’t fault the pick.  Barber is practicing without a contract away from the team but I do not think this will be a problem for Barber come fantasy season time.  I do worry about the fact that the Cowboys picked up Arkansas runner Felix Jones with their first round pick to replace the departed Julius Jones.  Felix Jones will likely be the lightning and Barber the thunder so while Barber should score plenty, there will be someone cutting into his time.  In addition, the Cowboys picked up another RB in the 4th round in Tashard Choice who is a punishing pounding back.  A lot of scary variables for Barber and while he should be fine, I do worry about him as the player you build your team around.

1.12 – RB, Ryan Grant, GB  

And I’m up for two picks.  The FAD historically has been a RB heavy draft.  And just when you think there’s no way more RB’s could be drafted, more get drafted.  You really have to get something where I’m picking as it’s a loooong was back before I pick again and from experience, there won’t be any meat on the RB bone when it comes back to me.  Ryan Grant is one of my favorite sleeper picks this season.  There’s little competition, the Packers didn’t draft one RB this year, he was a beast in the second half and I expect that to continue.  The fear may be a young QB but with the Packers receivers, teams won’t be able to stack the box so Grant will still have some room to roam.

2.01 – WR, Randy Moss, NE

After staring at the board for a while I narrowed it down to two explosive players.  Reggie Bush and Randy Moss.  Brady and Moss were the two top scorers in this league last year and in this format where your best scores of the week at the position are what count, Moss should be fueling my team all year long.  Bush had a disappointing year last year and while I still think he’s a capable back, and certainly fits what I look for in a FAD player, I thought Moss was more of a guarantee albeit not at the RB position.

2.02 – RB, Reggie Bush, NO

See Randy Moss write up.  Fumbles, injuries, general lack of being able to be the primary back all hit Bush last season.  He definitely makes a better 2 punch as part of a 1-2 combination.  He’s ready to take the next step to elite level according to him.  It is the right pick here and a good one and he will post some monster weeks and in the FAD, they’ll all count when he hits the weekly lottery from time to time.

2.03 – RB, Ronnie Brown, MIA

If you’re looking for a RB here, Ronnie Brown is a solid selection.  He was a stud early before going down.  The presence of Ricky Williams taking time away and the ever present Bill Parcells, makes this a gamble, but it is the right pick at the right time. 

2.04 – QB, Tom Brady, NE

The top scorer in this format last season so on points alone, it’s a solid selection.  It wouldn’t have been my selection as I believe there’ll still be solid QB’s to choose from in rounds 5 and 6 but the stud RB/WR talent is starting to thin already and Brady is money in the bank.

2.05 – RB, LenDale White, TEN

I think this is a gamble.  One that could pay off but the Titans have competition as they drafted East Carolina’s Chris Johnson with their first round pick.  It will be likely that we’ll see a RB by committee with White the power runner and Johnson filling the role of a Reggie Bush type runner for the Titans.  In a PPR league, I don’t think White will see too many.  He should get the TD’s though, but there are other runners in camp that could also push White.

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