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FANEX: Fantasy Analysis Draft – FAD 2020 – Completed

FanEx is the first experts league ever, started by Greg Kellogg (Hall-of-Famer Inaugural Class – Retired from Fantasy Sharks) and Joe Bryant (Hall-of-Famer – now with Footballguys) out of the fantasy football news group before there were web sites. For many years FanEx was led by TC Cannon (retired from fantasy) at The draft content was a source for many young fantasy upstarts both in and out of the industry back in the early-mid 90’s — the league continues to this day but without much publication. We wanted to change that. Just about anyone who is anyone in the fantasy industry has been in FanEx at some point in time. There are three FanEx leagues today. There’s the FanEx league itself which is comprised of two 12-team leagues, a 12-team auction league and this, the annual FanEx Analyis Draft, also known as The FAD. It’s a best-ball tournament that is played over all 17 weeks of the NFL season, the team that scores the most points is declared FAD Champion. We’ll be posting the draft here at Fantasy Sharks this year, it’s a good group of drafters with each drafter bringing decades of fantasy experience. Most are in the industry but many have moved on to other projects. There is no requirement that a FanEx team must be comprised of industry only participants, but they had to be in the industry at some point to be able to get into the league originally.

We hope you enjoy the analysis!

Round 1

1.01 Tony Holm Christian McCaffrey, RB1, Carolina Panthers
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: What’s not to like? For me, CMC is the clear-cut top option in 2020 fantasy drafts and I’m pleased to have him. McCaffrey has been the top scoring RB in PPR formats in both 2018 and 2019 and I suspect that in 2020, he will make that a trifecta. It’s Christian McCaffrey’s world and the rest of the NFL is just playing in it.
1.02 Mike Valverde Saquon Barkley, RB1, New York Giants
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: The only thing keeping Barkley from achieving his typical numbers in 2019 was an injury. He’s healthy now.
1.03 Mike Harmon Ezekiel Elliott, RB1, Dallas Cowboys
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Oh! The choice. I stared at this long and hard. Ride Zeke in a retooled offense under McCarthy, or go Thomas. The 3-year trend downward in YPG is concerning, no doubt. I can’t dismiss a double-digit TD total, the high expectations of this offense or the fact that Elliott’s got a prominent role in the passing game. With a long road between picks, I grabbed the workhorse back (pre-Twitter rants) with an eye on deeper PPR WRs for later on.
1.04 Dolfi/Walls Michael Thomas, WR1, New Orleans Saints
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: PK: Def: PPR! PPR! PPR! Michael Thomas is a top 3 performer in this league. Drew Brees knows how to stay healthy, and Thomas is a nightmare to cover on the turf in the Superdome. We have to start at least 3 WRs, and can flex to 4, we have an absolute monster as our #1.
1.05 Mike MacGregor Alvin Kamara, RB1, New Orleans Saints
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: I was 50-50 Alvin Kamara would make it to me at 1.05. He disappointed last season finishing RB9 in PPR but, reportedly, played injured much of the year. Toughing it out through 14 games resulted in similar touches, fewer yards, and significantly lower touchdowns (6 in 2019 versus 18 in 2018, 13 in 2017). A healthy Kamara and his anticipated 80-catch forecast is the safest bet to finish as a Top 5 RB than the remaining choices on the board.
1.06 Ian Allan Derrick Henry, RB1, Tennessee Titans
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Henry isn’t much of a pass catcher. That works against him in a PPR format. But durability is also important — especially in this no-moves league. And Henry has never missed a game with an injury as a pro (he was a healthy DNP as a rookie in one game, and they held him out of game late last year so he would be fresh for a more-important Week 17 game).
1.07 Ron Rigney Travis Kelce, TE1, Kansas City Chiefs
QB: RB: WR: TE:1 PK: Def: I have gone back and forth quite a bit about drafting a tight end in the first round this year. When it comes to Kelce, he is essentially like having a WR1 at TE in a high octane offense. I felt comfortable with the guys left on the board who could be my RB1 or WR1 later on.
1.08 Brady Tinker Davante Adams, WR1, Green Bay Packers
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: PK: Def: Some guys just get open. Some guys have a great QB who trust them implicitly and some guys just have a knack for making big plays and scoring TD’s. This guy has All of that. a Slam dunk 1st rd pick and while I prefer RB’s in round 1 usually – a sure thing is a sure thing.
1.09 Matt Schauf Dalvin Cook, RB1, Minnesota Vikings
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Could his holdout become a problem? Sure. But Cook without that concern wouldn’t be getting to 1.09. He finished top 3 in fantasy points per game across formats. And that came despite him tailing off badly over his final 4 outings while dealing with a shoulder injury. Cook will remain the focal point in an offense that traded away last year’s receiving leader.
1.10 Bill Aquaviva Kenyan Drake, RB1, Arizona Cardinals
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: I’m putting a lot of eggs in this basket and hoping that my gut is right about the Arizona offense in general and Drake in particular. His potential is huge and at the #10 pick it’s worth the risk to pass on others with poor or unknown offenses, and others sharing time.
1.11 Mike Nease Patrick Mahomes, QB1, Kansas City Chiefs
QB:1 RB: WR: TE: PK: Def: Getting a QB that can score way ahead of the QB pack is a good start to my draft. In this sort of best ball league, having high scoring, consistent players is an advantage. He and Jackson are the only two QBs I would consider taking before the 6th or 7th rounds. They are so far above average that I feel it is good to grab one of them if you can.
1.12 Carlos Panizo Nick Chubb, RB1, Cleveland Browns
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Not much to say here. I just believe Chubb is a Top 10 overall talent and I’m getting him at pick 12. I’ll take it. Personally, I loathe drafting out of the 12 spot but Chubb usually makes his way to me there so it isn’t all bad.

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