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FANEX: Fantasy Analysis Draft – FAD 2021 – Rounds 1 – 11

FanEx is the first experts league – ever. Originally conceived by Greg Kellogg (Hall-of-Famer Inaugural Class – Retired from Fantasy Sharks) and Joe Bryant (Hall-of-Famer – now with Footballguys) out of the fantasy football news group before there were websites. For many years, FanEx was led by TC Cannon (retired from fantasy) at Today the leagues are commissioned by Chris Rito from FFMastermind. The draft content was a source for many young fantasy upstarts both in and out of the industry in the early- to mid-90s – the league continues to this day but without much publication.

Just about anyone who is anyone in the fantasy industry has been in FanEx at some point. Today, there are three FanEx leagues in operation. There is the FanEx league itself which is comprised of two 12-team leagues, a 12-team auction league and this, the annual FanEx Analyis Draft, also known as The FAD. It’s a best-ball tournament that is played over all 18 weeks of the NFL season. There are 24 teams in FanEx and 12 of those teams represent FanEx in the FAD Draft.

We’ll be posting the draft and analysis again at Fantasy Sharks. It’s a good group of drafters with each drafter bringing decades of fantasy experience. Most are in the industry but while many have moved on to other projects, it doesn’t make them any less competitive. There is no requirement that a FanEx team must be comprised of industry only participants, but they had to be in the industry at some point to be able to get into the league in the first place. This is a 20-round draft so buckle up as it should take most of July to complete. Our Champion last year was industry veteran and multiple Hall-of-Famer Ian Allan from Fantasy Index.

We hope you enjoy the analysis!


1.01 Matt Schauf Christian McCaffrey, RB1, Carolina Panthers
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Biggest no-brainer of the draft for the 2nd straight year. We only got McCaffrey for 3 games last year, and he outscored the rest of the position by nearly 5 points per game in that exposure.
1.02 Tony Holm Dalvin Cook, RB1, Minnesota Vikings
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: It’s pretty simple really: If CMC is already drafted, then Dalvin Cook is the next best selection. He has been a volume monster in Minnesota’s offense and there is no reason to think that will change. He’s your quintessential fantasy stud running back and a great opening piece to build your draft around.
1.03 Ian Allan Tyreek Hill, WR1, Kansas City Chiefs
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: PK: Def: This isn’t a spot I wanted to be in. I put out some trade feelers but didn’t hear anything back. So I’m making a pick. It’s not a pick that I’m super excited about. I looked at various guys and various positions.
1.04 Carlos Panizo Derrick Henry, RB1, Tennessee Titans
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: With my first pick, give me the best RB on the board. That’s my credo no matter what pick I have. Henry is my RB3 and I get him with pick #4. That feels like a win to me.
1.05 Dolfi/Walls Alvin Kamara, RB1, New Orleans Saints
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: YOINK! Don’t mind if I do. Yes, we know Brees retiring is an issue, but Kamara is special. If he’s there for you at 5, take him and don’t look back.
1.06 Mike Valverde Aaron Jones, RB1, Green Bay Packers
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Aaron Jones has two consecutive seasons of being in the top-5 and this year should be no different. His TDs took a dip from 2019 (19 total) to 2020 (11 total) but his rushing yards and receptions remained relatively the same. Unless A.J. Dillon becomes Derrick Henry in his second season, then Jones is about as safe as it comes barring injury and his history with it. Also, if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play for GB, Jones’ value increases even more.
1.07 Brady Tinker Travis Kelce, TE1, Kansas City Chiefs
QB: RB: WR: TE:1 PK: Def: 5th in catches – 4th in yards and 4th in Touchdowns receiving in the NFL in 2020. Not just for TE’s for everybody. His QB had an average year and missed 2 games. Kelce and Mahomes are at their peak and in their prime and they feed off of each other like crazy. AND he is a TE, Waller won’t keep his pace and Kittle’s QB is average. This was an easy pick.
1.08 David Gonos Saquon Barkley, RB1, New York Giants
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Taking Barkley eighth is a gamble, considering he’s coming off a major knee injury – and still isn’t completely back. But taking part in a draft with owners like this is all about coming through on some big gambles. The Jets and the Texans are the only teams with fewer plays from scrimmage last year than the Giants. That offense should be much improved, even without Barkley, as Daniel Jones enters Year 3, with free-agent signees Kenny Golladay, rookie Kadarius Toney and Kyle Rudolph joining the pass catchers. A better offense means more first downs and more opportunities for Barkley (when healthy), and it means he’ll no longer be keyed on defensively for every snap.
1.09 Ron Rigney Jonathan Taylor, RB1, Indianapolis Colts
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Equal parts homer pick and solid value at this spot. The workload will be there despite Marlon Mack returning. Even if Nyheim Hines sees the third down work, let’s not forget in addition to his numbers on the ground, Taylor tallied 36 receptions. With that offensive line, the offense will go to him early and often.
1.10 Colby Conway Ezekiel Elliott, RB1, Dallas Cowboys
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: Zeke is a workhorse back that should return to form this season. With Dak Prescott back under center, the offense should move more efficiently, and with the weapons on the perimeter, opposing defenses cannot lock in on Elliott. He’s an all-around back poised for a top five finish in 2021.
1.11 Alan Satterlee Stefon Diggs, WR1, Buffalo Bills
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: PK: Def: Two thoughts on this pick. They say you can’t win a league with your first pick, but you can lose it — that said, Stefon Diggs seems awfully safe off a 127/1535/8 season and in this offense. Second, pick slot 1.11 sort of stinks (much rather have Zeke or Taylor, and would rather just be 12th really). Well, Diggs should be a plenty solid WR1 anchor.
1.12 Bill Aquaviva Austin Ekeler, RB1, Los Angeles Chargers
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: PK: Def: I actually got who I expected to get in this spot, although I was getting a little excited that Zeke might fall to me. Oh well. As the last pick (#12) I had very few quality #1 RBs to pick from, and with his PPR value, a year under Herbert’s belt, and a new, hopefully improved coaching staff, I have high hopes that Ekeler becomes the West Coast Alvin Kamara.

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