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Fantasy Awards

Statistics have made the handing out of awards easy and almost predictable. Its time we hand out some awards that are long over due and the majority of them have nothing to do with numbers. Everything from the “Grittiest Field General” to the “House Arrest Award” have to do with opinion and seeing as no one watches more football then the Fantasy Football Fanatics here at FantasySharks.com who better to ask!


So get cracking! Click on each award title will get you directly into that specific voting forum or you can simply click on the link direct below to go to the main voting forum. So get in there and cast your vote!





The John Wayne Award (Grittiest Field General)


Steve McNair (QB – Tennessee)

Brett Favre (QB – Green Bay)

Donovan McNabb (QB – Philadelphia)


The Guy Smiley Award (Biggest Mouth)


Warren Sapp (DT – Tampa Bay)

Terrell Owens (WR – San Francisco)

Chad Johnson (WR – Cincinnati)


The Anvil Award (The Safety That Drops The Biggest Hammer)


Darren Woodson (SS – Dallas)

John Lynch (SS – Tampa Bay)

Brian Dawkins (FS – Philadelphia)


The Double-Double with Cheese Award (The biggest double threat in the NFL)

*The nominees for this category where chosen from the players with the best stats in their secondary statistic for the 2003 Regular season. *


Daunte Culpepper (QB – Minnesota) 3479 yards passing & 25 TDs / 422 yards rushing & 4 TDs


LaDainian Tomlinson (RB – San Diego) 1645 yards rushing & 13 TDs / 725 yards receiving & 4 TDs


Peter Warrick (WR – Cincinnati) 819 yards receiving & 7 TDs / 157 yards rushing & 0 TDs


The Young Gun Award (Rookie with biggest impact)


Domanick Davis (RB- Houston)

Byron Leftwich (QB – Jacksonville)

Anquan Boldin (WR –Arizona)


The Ace In The Hole Award (Player most likely to single handedly change the course of a game)


Donte Hall (ST – Kansas City)

Jamal Lewis (RB – Baltimore)

Randy Moss (WR – Minnesota)


The House Arrest Award (The defensive player most likely to lock down the opposing team)


Michael Strahan (DE – NY Giants)

Ray Lewis (LB – Baltimore)

Brian Russell (Safety – Minnesota)


Mr. Reliable Award (The Player that produces week in and week out)


Payton Manning (QB – Indy)

Priest Holmes (RB – Kansas City)

Torry Holt (WR – St. Louis)


The Admiral Award (The coach that had or has his team best prepared for battle each week)


Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)

Bill Parcells (Dallas Cowboys)

Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals)








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