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FANTASY COACH: 5 Teams to Avoid

As I’ve written before, fantasy football is all about opportunity and consistency. You should draft players who get a lot of looks and do so on a weekly basis. While much time is spent researching players who perform on productive teams, there’s another side to this research. A dark side. A side in which no right-minded person should go (but should be aware of). Here are five teams (and a bonus team!) you should avoid at all costs during this year’s draft.

Cleveland Browns

It should probably go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – stay away from the Cleveland Browns. There is not one good position to pick up from this team. Let’s start at the quarterback. There’s Cody KesslerBrock Osweiler and DeShone Kizer; two rookies and a somewhat-experienced quarterback who plays like a rookie. No thank you. Isaiah Crowell is getting a lot of hype this year (mainly because he’s the only player worth having from this team.) He’s one of the many players who are good, but the situation isn’t. He’s clearly their No. 1 back and almost ran for 1,000 yards last year and he will certainly look to do more this year, but I’d stay away. Same goes for Cleveland’s wide receivers. They might be good with the right quarterback, but unfortunately, they’re with Cleveland. Tight ends, defense, kicker – stay away. It’s a bad situation indeed.

New York Jets

I always thought of the Jets as a team everyone forgot about during the draft. Granted, they’ve had some productive players these past few years in Matt ForteBrandon Marshall and Eric Decker, but two of those players are gone and the other will probably lose his job to a younger running back. And the quarterback situation? I don’t think they’ll ever figure that out. I’ve tried looking for sleepers on this team, but unfortunately, nothing stands out. Last year, they ranked 30th in scoring offense. Not so promising when eight of the nine spots on your roster are dedicated to offense. I can’t even pick a solid wide receiver (partly because I haven’t heard of any of them,) and the defense ranked 28th last year. The Jets are in quite a hole and show no signs of getting out of it.

Chicago Bears

I’ve written about Jordan Howard before and the truth is, I like him. He’s a diamond in the rough. He’s like Isaiah Crowell in that he’s a great player just in a bad situation. So of course, Chicago will find a way not to use him this year. The Bears seem inclined to throw a lot. Drafting Mitchell Trubisky and bringing in Mike Glennon while bringing in wide receivers considered backups (who will now start) gives me the impression that Chicago thinks it will throw a lot of yards and touchdowns, but honestly, they won’t. The receiving core is a mess of players I wouldn’t take even on better offenses. Names like Markus WheatonVictor CruzRueben RandleKendall Wright and Cameron Meredith. And don’t get me started on Kevin White. The only player I would take from them is Robbie Gould, and, well, we know that story. Chicago’s defense ranked 24th last year and that’s not good. Long are the days of Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester. Stay warm and move away from The Windy City.

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