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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometime can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!


BUY LOW: Daniel Jones, New York Giants (Owned in 2 percent of leagues)

Plenty of people are going to be spending their FAAB and their waiver claims this week on Teddy Bridgewater & Mason Rudolph. Let them. Those teams are going to crumble without the strength of their top QB’s that they’re going to be replacing. What is really interesting is the fact that Pat Shurmur has refused to answer if Eli will be the starter for week 3’s game. Gotta figure, there is some doubt swirling around in the coach’s head after 2 poor performances and Daniel Jones could be coming in sooner rather than later. You should be stashing him now.  EDITORS UPDATE: Daniel Jones has now been named the starting quarterback.

SELL HIGH: Cam Newton, Carolina (Owned in 95 percent of leagues)

I’m so disgusted in Cam Newton’s performance that I can’t even say he’s a sell high, I’m more than likely going to drop him straight up, but see if you can get something for him. He was justified in his loss to a good Ram’s defense, but to be so poor against Tampa? No excuse. Obviously, the injury he suffered has affected him, and you can see it in his playing as he is slow, second guessing his throws, causing him to be in the pocket too long and get sacked REPEATEDLY. Move him for whatever you can get, because at this rate your backup QB is better.


BUY LOW: Rashaad Penny, Seattle (Owned in 67 percent of leagues)

Chris Carson‘s days as the bellcow in Seattle must be numbered. He has not fumbled in two straight games and it looks like Peter Carroll has noticed and isn’t having any of it as he allowed Penny to have some carries this Sunday and Penny didn’t disappoint. Now he might not take over fully next week, but we could be seeing a changing of the pecking order for the Hawks, and it is Penny that is going to come out on top (as he should have been last season) so go out and grab him.

SELL HIGH: Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay (Owned in 64 percent of leagues)

The Tampa Bay offense is so up and down it’s hard to endorse any player on their team (I actually will later in this article) but Barber is by no means the player that showed up on Thursday. Barber has made it clear through his numerous attempts, that he is not a legitimate RB1, and if you are a Barber owner you should take the great numbers that he got you on Thursday, and trade it for a down-player that is for sure to have a bounce-back season.


BUY LOW: Mike Evans, Tampa Bay (Owned in 99 percent of leagues)

As I mentioned above, I can endorse just one Tampa Bay player, and that is Mike Evans. Simply due to the sheer surprise of how bad Evans has been this season when he has been one of the most dominant receivers since he entered the NFL. I have to believe there is going to be a huge bounce back coming for Evans, and I want to be the one holding him when it happens. The current Evans’ owners should have no problem selling him for players that were drafted two or even three rounds below him and I’m fine with that.

SELL HIGH: John Ross, Cincinnati (Owned in 73 percent of leagues)

John Ross went off this week, plain and simple. Aaaaaaaand that’s all you need to tell the person that you are trading Ross to. DON’T tell them that 66 yards and a touchdown (probably roughly 12 points in your league) came from a late garbage time play that meant nothing. Ross is on borrowed time because we know when Green returns, Ross is going to dip in production so move him now while his stats and playing time reflect that you are holding the “better” player.


BUY LOW: Evan Engram, New York Giants (Owned in 99 percent of leagues)

Evan Engram did not benefit from the fact that he was the best player out on the field this week against a defense that was 2nd best against tight ends last year. With Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard missing Sunday, defenses knew to cover Engram. That being said, Tate is only two games away from returning and Shepard is trending upward in his recovery. Once the team is back on the field, Engram will go back to being a great target for yards and touchdowns and I would rather have a good tight end late in the season (and during playoffs) than right now, so trade yours for him.

SELL HIGH: Eric Ebron, Indianapolis (Owned in 47 percent of leagues)

To continue my post from last week, I am advising to move all Colts until we see something different. Ebron wasn’t mentioned last week, so here he is this week. He managed to score a touchdown on the opening drive this week and then faded into obscurity for the rest of the game, so as least he’s got some numbers on his fantasy stats for you to try to sell him, but without Andrew Luck, Eric Ebron is just not the TE1 that he could’ve been.

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