Monday - Apr 19, 2021

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It’s never too early to make your picks. For our Pick ’Em and Swim with the Sharks contest we drop the two lowest weeks to determine the winner. For our Survivor contest, you’re never really out of it since we give you back 100 Sand Dollars to start again with when/if you lose – so jump on in!

Play against other Sharks for free and win Fantasy Sharks memberships! There is no fee to play. They are free contests just for your enjoyment. If you run your own office pool, you can use our software to handle all that for you – all for free.

Shark Pick’Em

Pick games against the spread. You must make selections each week. Your two lowest weeks are dropped from your final score so if you miss a week … or two … it doesn’t matter. You can also run your own Pick’Em Pool through Fantasy Sharks just by creating your own group and having your players join your group.

Swim with the Sharks

Select a weekly fantasy lineup. Pick whomever you want to add to your weekly team. The catch is that you can’t start anyone from the same NFL team each week, as you must select eight players from eight different teams.


Pick a different team to win each week and “survive.” Once you’ve picked a team you can’t use them again for the season. You are never out of this survivor pool as the winner is based on how many Sand Dollars (our Fantasy Sharks currency) you’ve accumulated. If you lose a week, you do go back to zero but we provide you another 100 Sand Dollars to try to rebuild your fortune.

The contest entries, rules and results can all be found from our main menu under the “Contests” tab.

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