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This week is the playoffs and this article will speak about the concept of the narrative or predictive analytics. Also there will be talk about picking a winning team. So buckle up your seat belts for this is going to be a bumpy ride. Will it be the ride to victory?

This is the time for which we wait. In my league, we start off this week with the playoffs. I am in third place but hoping my team will come through. Like everyone who witnesses this experience every year, it is nothing but one and done. There is so much pressure that you have a difficult time picking the right team. So what I suggest is that you go with the narrative approach. This means if you lose at least you thought out the narrative long enough so that you made the right choice. So here is my narrative for the week.

The Narrative To A Victory For The Cromwell Demolition

It all begins with Thursday. I need Dallas to lose. As a result, Philadelphia will play its hearts out and destroy the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in foul weather (uh-oh). Quarterback Deshaun Watson has been carrying me all year and they just beat New England at home. Houston has to take care of Denver (uh-oh). Pittsburgh is playing Arizona so its offense will be superior so I am starting running back Benny Snell and wide receiver James Washington (double-uh-oh). On Monday Night Philadelphia is playing the New York Giants as you know. Did you know that the New York Giants have allowed an average of 8.3 points per tight end? And my opponent is starting tight end Zach Ertz. (The Last Uh-Oh).

I Guess I Was Reading The Wrong Book

I was leading by eight points as late as 11:15 p.m. on Monday Night and tight end Zach Ertz caught a touchdown to send the game into overtime and I was then only up by two points. Then I was up by those same two points until tight end Zach Ertz caught the game-winning touchdown and went for 30 points on me. I lose on the last play of the game in Monday Night Football; the tough part is who I had on my bench. Quarterback Drew Brees went for 53 points. Running back Raheem Mostert went for 24 points. And wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders went for 35 points. If I started any one of those players I would be on to the next round of the playoffs but it was not to be.

So What Does It All Mean?

I only have one fantasy football team which I build and nurture and take care of since the first week of September. I write about it in this article. It consumes all of my fantasy football time and presence. I find myself constantly picking the players and commenting on it and now I have to wait until next year. But as always there are lessons to be learned from the fantasy football playoffs.

Choosing Your Lineup

I have some advice about over-thinking. Over-thinking is the worst. So let us try to keep it simple.

Choose the players on your team who play for teams with the best records …

In that way you will never feel badly. You went down with the best of the best this year in the NFL in terms of team and most likely the best players are on that best team. One of the results was the fantasy shootout between San Francisco and New Orleans.

My narrative was wrong and I had the players on the bench that I needed to win.. but that is the life of the Virginator. You win by the trend and you lose by the same trend. This year’s departure from the playoffs hurts. I just cannot seem to pick the right players this year. I appear to be tone-deaf which is very unusual. But my team is tone-deaf. For example, how can wide receiver Keenan Allen go for 46 points and then just not go the rest of the year? How can wide receiver Mike Evans not go either? Why fantasy football. Why?

My Dear Diary entry is about two weeks from Christmas.

Dear Diary

Two weeks to Christmas.

You hear what I said.

That means only two more weekends of shopping.

We are all to dread.

But Amazon promises next day delivery for those who are on Prime.

That means no delay sitting on your couch all the more sublime.

My list has been checked and looked over twice.

Finding that gift for a loved one so nice.

So I wonder what is the sound of shopping online?

Is it the sound of the refrigerator or dishwasher all mine?

The whirr keeps me keen.

The whirr keeps me calm.

Shopping Online is certainly “The Bomb.”

So get it all done and get it all right.

It will be on your doorstep by tomorrow night.

Go shopping … Now!

Master D.

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