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Merry Christmas! Hahahaha! The Virginator has failed to get to the championship game this year but finishing in the Top 4 is not so bad. Right? I put up my best team but my best team is not the team that got me to 8-1 after nine weeks. It is championship week in fantasy football land and I am stuck in the consolation game for third place. It is the end of the line for the fantasy football portion of this article and I will be transitioning to the NFL and write all the way up to the Super Bowl. Come along for the ride and let’s have some fun, shall we? Now on to my third-place game.

Battling For Third Place

My team is not my team. Geez Louise I love DeShaun Watson. He went for 44 points this week! Come on! The problem is the rest of my team has not shown up for the last five weeks. In fantasy football a five-week drought is a real drought. There are those weird skeletons on the desert looking at you and you realize you have no water and then you are a super loser. Who wants to be that? In the world of fantasy football that is exactly what happens and this year I was only a fourth-place loser!

So remember that there is always next year, my friends. Where did the current year go? We transition to playoff football and I will try to be there for you. Merry Christmas.

My diary entry is about Christmas.

Dear Diary

Ha! It is Christmas 2018. I want to let your know there are weird things happening with Christmas. No. 1 … Andy Williams is capturing the mind-think for when I ask my Alexa App to play Christmas songs. He is everywhere with only three or four songs. You know them so I will not bore you with the titles but come on.

There is a really weird story about Williams. Rumor has it he was pulling an 80 share in the 1960s. I can’t find proof of it but Williams became ANDY WILLIAMS! And what is weird is that it is 40 years later and he still runs mind-think. Very strange. I love Williams but I ran the Alexa App with the simple request, “Alexa … Play Christmas Songs”… and for 15 hours straight Williams was No. 1 by far. Who is pulling the levers? For example …

“Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays … ‘Cos no matter how far away you roam. When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze. For the holidays your can’t beat home sweet home.”

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!

Master D.

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