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It is Week 17 and everyone and anyone who has been in the finals of a fantasy football season means one and one only thing. It is time to go big or go home. I completely abandoned the fealty of riding the hot hand (Tennessee) and I went for the most points I could conjure up using the infinite wisdom of this website naturally. I actually tried. What is actually trying? Yes. I dropped quarterback Drew Brees and replaced him with quarterback Jalen Hurts. I did what?

Yes … I Freaking Dropped Drew Brees!

I am in the finals of my fantasy football league and I know I was prepared to get through Week 15. I had my Tennessee approach but playing in Lambeau Field in December is suspect at best for Week 16. What to do? I acquired quarterback Jalen Hurts and I acquired tight end Noah Fant. I then dropped Drew Brees like a hot potato, and quarterback Jalen Hurts went alright but not enough. So, behind the efforts of quarterback Josh Allen, I lose the finals of my fantasy football championship. The team powered by my college roommate Rob and his son Zach were just too much. I had only one touchdown on the day and still had 85 points. As a person of numbers, it just torqued me off to no end because as I get older, these opportunities do not come along every year. But what if I had the perfect lineup?

The Perfect Lineup …

This concept is always spoken of. It means you played the right player at the right time and achieved the maximum points. Solace is determined by if you actually played the perfect lineup, would you have won the championship? Well, I can sleep with an honest conscience and I can say the perfect lineup for me would have been a final score of 131-130 in my deficit. My brain can rest easy because I could not win this week. At the beginning of the season, I spoke about “Burgers” (plus point performances) and “Bagels” (minus point performances).

Running Back Derrick Henry, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, wide receiver Keke Coutee and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton went for “bagels.” My opponent had quarterback Josh Allen go for freaking 43 points and wide receiver Brandin Cooks went for a 27-point performance. Please note that I had Cooks and tight end Rob Gronkowski on my team earlier in the season. If I had them still on my team and played them this week, I would have won by two points. But wide receiver Will Fuller got in the way and I missed out on free agency. A loss is a loss and I am appreciative for being in the final.

So you think you know fantasy football? I drafted 10th in my 10-team league. My first draft pick was quarterback Drew Brees and my second draft pick was wide receiver Michael Thomas. And yes, I still made it to the finals. That is Fantasy Sharks working for you. Please note that the team that had running back Alvin Kamara easily beat all of us this week with a ridiculous performance. But he did not do that the week before and he settled for third place.

My Diary Entry is about the new year.

Dear Diary

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2021 be just better than 2020. I think about the last nine months from March until now and I think about all of what we have been through. Some of us have lost our jobs. Some of us have been working more than ever. We cannot get together and have a happy medium. But I bring wonderful news. My sister is in the Moderna program as she has been labeled “high risk” so she got the first shot of the vaccine. Hope springs eternal!

So, and I know this is controversial for being a gentleman who has earned a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from RPI, but I am a person who is going into the “way-back-machine” to the origin story of the song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” and silently whimper whilst doing so.

It is a song about our Civil War. If you remember my last week’s article I did “doth protest” so that means I will not add lots and lots of my normal back story. Why? Because I doth protest.

Enough. The song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is about our nation at its most fragile moment. None other than Longfellow writing this on Christmas Day in 1863. I feel I get to wide-write about such things because my great great grandfather fought at the Battle of Gettysburg at the age of 29. So I herald the 2021 New Year’s Bells. I herald the ability of us as a nation to heal. I herald the fact that we have made it this far in 2020 together on this journey. I herald that we are still alive because …. and I repeat … the Covid-19 virus is real.

In times like these, I miss Dick Clark!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Master D.

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