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It is Week 8 in the NFL and the season is one month away from getting good. For some fans, the most important thing happening is the debut of The Mandalorian this weekend. L’il Yoda is back! Football is just not that fun at the bottom of the standings or even for teams that are struggling like the AFC East third-place New England Patriots. I will repeat that for emphasis. The New England Patriots are 2-4 and third in their division.

Since I live in the New England region, the Patriot fans have filled the local sports talk radio stations with angst. I have never written a fantasy football article with the Patriots being this far under .500 this far into the season. The other team really liked in my area of New England is the New York Giants. With the Giants having a record of 1-6 this means the local NFL teams are struggling. Coach Bill Belichick has his work cut out for him. There is still time to turn it around but will either team get it done? As far as my team goes, I take a flier on quarterback Joe Burrow and I get lucky.

Joe Burrow Takes Flight

I decided to go big or go home last week. I was playing against Irv, who just so happens to be the manager who has won our fantasy football league each of the last two years. He is a very talented fantasy football player so I needed to pull a rabbit out of my hat. I picked up quarterback Joe Burrow and played wide receiver Tyler Lockett, who has been struggling as of late. Joe Burrow went for 45 points and Tyler Lockett was involved in a shootout with Arizona and he went for 53 points! That combination of 98 points pushed me over the top and I am now 6-1 in my division. I cannot get too complacent as I am still without a tight end. I needed to make room on my roster and I actually dropped tight end Rob Gronkowski. He was immediately picked up and I chose unwisely — but that is fantasy football. I will look for a decent tight end the next few weeks and hopefully hang on. Come along for the next stage of the season. It is all happening so fast that it is a bumpy ride.

The State of the NFL Season

I like seeing how the landscape of the season is progressing going into Week 8. Nothing is really learned about individual teams until Thanksgiving week but the leagues do reveal how things are trending at this time. The NFC has eight teams over .500. The AFC has six teams over .500. This is just a barometric reading but it does prove that the AFC could be the weaker overall conference. There are two AFC teams that have two wins or worse. The NFC has six teams with two wins or less. Surprise teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a chance to put a fright in some other AFC teams. In the NFC, the NFC West can scare everyone while the NFC East seems to be struggling again with no teams having more than two wins. Will any one of them break through the Thanksgiving barrier? Stay tuned. My diary entry gets into that wintry feeling.

Dear Diary

Right up to the edge a few things happen. Oct. 25 happens and you say wait a second, Christmas is Dec. 25 and that is 60 days away. Where has the year gone? Autumn concludes but this year with a second wind of brilliant autumnal color and it is the last gasp of warm weather.

I do get the feeling of isolation because of Covid-19 and in some ways, it is somewhat of a downer. However, the NFL is hanging in there and we are able to see games and it is an excellent distraction. I am not wasting time because our time is in our homes these days. Boy, I have never seen my home in this way before and you must feel the same way. So stick with fantasy football and root for either a win or a loss and do not get discouraged.

We need distraction now more than ever with Halloween that has to be done differently. Halloween kicks off the official Holiday season this week and please enjoy all of the spooky shows.

This is something we all need and so I will take it.

Master D.

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