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DIARY OF A FANTASY VIRGIN: Week 12 – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has arrived and this is the week the NFL season gets down to the nitty-gritty. The teams have had sufficient time to have woven a tapestry of results. Only wins and losses matter in the NFL, nothing more. The games really matter going forward and the NFL has pulled a rabbit out of the hat, as getting to this point of the season without major disruption from Covid-19 is really impressive. I guess that should be the first thing I give thanks for this year. The fact that we have made it to the Thursday games, makes every football fan grateful. But what are the games we will be watching while suffering through a “Zooms-giving”?

There will be three games played on Thanksgiving this year. The extra game is a relatively new phenomenon but everyone keeps the pumpkin pie coming well into the evening. The Detroit Lions host the Houston Texans in a game that started back in 1934. Yes, you heard that correctly. Your Papi watched that game. Your Papi’s Papi watched that game. Your Papi’s Papi’s Papi watched that game and for some of the younger folks, your Papi’s Papi’s Papi’s Papi watched that game. Hey, that is a long time but the Detroit Lions and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. The second game sees the Washington Football Team traveling to play the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC “L-East” matchup of two 3-7 teams that are in the playoff hunt in their division. The final game sees the Baltimore Ravens heading to play the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Four of the teams have losing records but Uncle won’t notice at all because in my house, he will be full-on snoozing by this time.

My season is the definition of hanging on…

The Virginator is Hanging On

I find my team in an enviable position. My fantasy football team The Cromwell Demolition has a record of 8-3 and I am taking risks all over the Fantasy Football eco-sphere. Since I lost QB Drew Brees I had to just go with the flow. That meant picking up QB Taysom Hill and playing him along with WR Michael Thomas. That combination went for 47 points. Add to the mix decent plus-performances by WR Tyler Lockett and RB Derrick Henry and I am back in the winner’s circle. With a 2 game lead in my division, I have to win one more time or the second-place team has to lose one more time and I have secured the all-important bye in our playoffs. I guess if I stay desperate I will be desperate. It is hard to believe but there is only a fortnight to go in our Fantasy Football season.

Only Two More Weeks To Go

I have gotten to the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. This is all really positive news and I have had lots of luck along the way. My team consists of players that can go for large numbers like the week that WR Tyler Lockett went for a 53 burger. But WR DK Metcalf is so talented that sometimes he takes all the touches away. I have to decide upon that in the upcoming two weeks and what will my gut tell me during the playoff game? We shall only see.

My diary entry is of course about All Things Thanks.

Dear Diary

I know I talk too much about A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special. I will not provide my feedback on the show this year other than it is great. But this year if you are looking for it, you will have to watch it on PBS on Sunday, November 22nd at 7:30 PM. Uh oh, that time has already passed! Apple TV+ will be airing it for free November 25-27. When did it get so hard to find A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? The reason I mention it is as you can imagine, this is the first time it has gone off in this direction since November 20, 1973. It has been on at least a major network every year since. Oh, those Little Debbie snack cake commercials. Where have you gone? Gone to the way of streaming on Apple TV+ is where it’s gone – and we wave goodbye to an end of an era.

In this incredible year of it feeling like it is still March what can be said? Since we closed down the “system” starting March 16th  in my State I have been working from home and I am grateful to still have a job. So I give thanks this year for the following….

  • For our household all still being employed.
  • For no one in my family catching Covid-19 as of this writing.
  • For our turtle Edgar. The little guy doesn’t know that we are in a pandemic and he is probably fed up with me.
  • For all the online shopping infrastructure that allowed millions of Americans to order everything from Toilet Paper to Turkeys. From the online stores to the delivery people dropping it off on the porch, it kind of went smoothly, which is shocking.
  • For our immediate neighbors as they have not contracted Covid-19 as of this writing.
  • For all of my readers may I wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving and subsequent “Zooms-giving”. We literally are all in this together.
  • For the frontline workers in all industries that continue to go into work. Thank You. I will not forget your contribution.
  • For the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine coming sooner than later. Only through this path will we be able to become an interactive society again. I miss those days. Note that I predict there will be a ceremonial first vaccination either Christmas or New Year’s to a frontline healthcare worker. That name will forever be associated with the ending of this scourge and it will be a common reference to the day we started beating back this pandemic.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Master D.

Tim can now be reached at tdavoll@fantasysharks.com and welcomes your opinions on the Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Articles.

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