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Well hello there.  I am on a bye week and I am fretful.  I take the bye week very seriously and I try to put my best team forward just to see if I can pick a team that can win.  As it goes I picked a wonderful week to be off.  My team survived the week of course but my team was all over the map.  I am thinking that the team that I have is the team that I need but sometimes you have to be lucky and this week it is for all the marbles.  I need more luck than ever.

Sometimes When You Play Nobody … It is Alright

I am playing for the division championship this week.  I really am hoping that my team shows up this week.  In actuality, you prepare the whole year for this moment.  And if your team delivers a normal week, you win.  If it is exceptional you win by a large amount.  So I am hoping that my team delivers this week.  For example, I picked up WR Amari Cooper for the playoffs and he is starting to deliver the goods.  Can he deliver two more weeks worth of performances?  Time will only tell.  And time is ticking and the clock is winding down.  The Eastern Championship in my Fantasy Football league is up for grabs.  The time has come to choose wisely.  My diary entry is about the upcoming next stages of Christmas.

Dear Diary

Generally speaking, Christmas has been a wonderful time in my life.  My childhood represented all things magical about the holidays.  My parents were all in and they presented the holiday in a wrapped and decadent present as only a child of the 1970s and early 1980s could enjoy.

For me, there was a Santa Claus and he was real.  It obviously was not my parents sacrificing and working so hard to deliver a magical Christmas.  It wasn’t!  But now that I am an old man it actually was.  So the magic of the holiday was a direct reflection of the sacrifices made by my parents to deliver a perfect Christmas day.  It never got old the first 13 years of my life.  It was a magical time.  And with 2 weeks to go to Christmas there is enough time for everyone to make their own magic.


Master D.

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