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It is the sixteenth week of the NFL season and if you are in the championship game, congratulations! In my league, I have made it to the battle for the 5th place position. Well, as you know what happens. Every week I make my team and I throw it out there. I try to make the best of it based upon the team that I bring to the show. Yikes…this week is about the perfume commercials and the Presidents Cup and of course Fantasy Football. Let us go and do that?

Did You See That Coming?

Every playoff week there is a narrative. The narrative for this week is that the following will occur: QB Drew Brees will pass for more than three touchdowns because that is what he needs for the overall record over former QB Peyton Manning. He passed for exactly four touchdowns and delivered the win. WR Tyreek Hill will go long. TE George Kittle will deliver. Yikes. And with that the Cromwell Demolition secures 5th place in the final match of the year for us. I will speak about the year next week. It is just so damn close that it hurts but it was a decent year. Really it was. In the end I won this week and secured 5th place in our league. Such a good effort by my team but it was not even enough to defeat the next opponent. I scored the 2nd most points in the league and I am just on the outside looking in. There is one more week for the Fantasy Football Championship. I have won a Fantasy Football Championship. What does it take?

The Best Players on The Best Teams at The Right Time

Well, that was a mouthful. But it is true. The best players on the best teams unusually deliver success. For example, the leader of my division had on his team none-other-than QB Ryan Tannehill, RB Ezekiel Elliott, and WR Michael Thomas. These are the players of the 2019 season in the Fantasy Football Playoffs. I was just on the outside looking in.

My diary entry is about a week before Christmas and why do I need perfume?

Dear Diary

It is the week before Christmas. So I noticed that the week has been actually awesome. Did you watch the Mandalorian? It was spectacular with Li’il Yoda distracting Zero and causing the Mandalorian to be successful. The irony in the episode is that the Mandalorian places a Republic beacon on a bounty that he extracted from a prison ship. All so very important I am sure. But there is something that I actually have to get off of my chest:

Is it me or are there more perfume commercials than ever? They range from the naked outrageous to the sublime. I am almost convinced that I need that perfume because it will make me the sexiest man on the planet. I bring terrible news…there is no perfume that will perform this function. For that I am grateful. In an unusual move, next week I am going to break down Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. It will be an epic article so stay tuned.

S0 5th Place it is. I really really really tried this year. Hugs to everybody.

Good Luck everyone in your championship game whomever are participating.

Master D.

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