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It is Week 3 in the NFL. In New England, summer has given up its heat and a chilly autumn has arrived.  On the Fantasy Football front, a few first-round draft picks sustained injuries. Did you draft Saquon Barkley? His injury is going to sideline him for the rest of the year. Did you draft Christian McCaffrey? His ankle injury will sideline him for a few weeks at least. We spoke about how not having a preseason may create an environment where injuries could occur. It seems that they are happening and only two weeks into the season. Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to bear down and look for diamonds in the rough.

2-0 Who Is a Contender?  Who Is a Pretender?

The perfect season is elusive.  However, it is something to talk about.

This year, there are 11 teams that are 2-0.  There are 6 in the AFC and 5 in the NFC. Last year there were 9 at this time.  In the AFC Kansas City, Tennessee and Baltimore appear to be contenders.  Buffalo appears to be a pretender.  In the NFC, the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers appear to be contenders.  The Cardinals, Rams, and Bears seem to be pretenders.  Last year the Chiefs were a contender in this article and they made it to the Super Bowl.  So contenders and pretenders do have a barometer for something but maybe just not as much as you think.

My week was all about an offensive loss.

Lacking Offense – Loffense

A portmanteau is the creation of a word out of two words. Like smog is the combination of smoke and fog. My portmanteau is Loffense. A combination of lacking with offense describes my season so far. I miss my offense and Will Fuller who went for 19 last week ended up with 0 points this week. That is impossible to recover from; Will Fuller had a hamstring that caused him to miss some of the game. So it is on to next week where I look for more offense to get me back in the winner’s circle. .  I just need a few pickups. So I will be reading up on this website and Doug Coutts’ WAIVER WIRE WONDERS free agent article this week.  He is ahead of the information on free agents and will serve us well. My record is 1-1 and I am lacking offense. It is downright “loffensive!”

My diary entry is all about the Boston Red Sox.  I do write about them every year at this time.  This year is different than most with the pandemic.

Dear Diary

The 2020 Red Sox are just struggling. The pitching is struggling. The offense is alright but by trading Mookie Betts, the team is committed to a lower salary structure. With only 60 games this year due to Covid-19 the team is on the wrong side of the game’s outcome. They have a record of 20-34 and that is good enough for last place in the AL East standings. I welcomed the game back on July 24. They won the first game 13-2 and that was the only time they were over .500 the whole year. Ah well..

There is always next year.

Master D.

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